Virtual Desktops with Office 365 and GPU.
Zero Maintenance. Lowest Costs. Anywhere Access.

Virtual Desktop

Starting at $24.95/month, fully managed virtual desktops from Apps4Rent come with a choice of virtualization technologies from Citrix and Microsoft; look and feel of Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7; session-based with fixed applications or dedicated with self-installation of applications; option to install Office 365; option for GPU acceleration; secure and reliable infrastructure; daily backups; and 24/7 support by phone, email, and chat. Our service is backed by our extensive experience in hosting critical business software applications in the Cloud for over 10,000 clients in more than 50 countries. If your employees need access to their familar Windows desktop and applications from anywhere on any device, then virtual desktops from Apps4Rent are a perfect fit for your organization. Take a 15-day risk-free trial now!

Hosted Virtual Desktop for Accounting
Accounting Practice
Denver, Colorado
The partners faced several IT challenges with the regular desktops, which made the CPAs select Apps4Rent as their partner for virtual desktops to be used in their Accounting/Tax business.
Hosted Desktop for Medical Practice
Family Medical Center
Rochester, NY
The Center needed a solution that would comply with HIPAA and HITECH regulations while providing the staff with the latest hardware and software and keep costs under control within their tight IT budgets.
Desktop Hosting for Law Firm
Law Firm
Jackson, Mississippi
The law firm was looking for virtual desktops optimized to handle the rigors and demands of integrated legal applications. Plus they needed a Cloud partner who knew how law firms operate.
Virtual Desktops for Web Developers
Web Developers
Bay Area, SFO
ApexSparx is a web development solutions and services company operating out of Bay Area, SFO and caters to SMB clients. The 25-seat company offers end-to-end services that include planning,..


Training Company Meets Short-Term Demand with Apps4Rent Virtual Desktops

When a Connecticut based corporate training company wanted to conduct a training session for 25 participants with each of them requiring to work in an isolated environment, they chose virtual desktops. Apps4Rent provided the VDI and also managed it for the duration of the program, which went uninterrupted.

Drivers for Adopting Virtual Desktops

  • Convenience:

  • Our virtual desktops come with the option of Office 365, giving you anywhere access to your favorite office applications. You can even install all your custom PC applications on the virtual desktops.
  • Flexibility:

  • You can add or remove our virtual desktops as you want, depending on your business need. You can pay-as-you-go on monthly basis, without contract and change the users as required.
  • Mobility:

  • You can access our virtual desktops via browser on PCs/Macs, laptops, notebooks, tablets, slates, or smartphones. They seamlessly support Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android systems.
  • Savings:

  • No more investing in hardware to meet seasonal spikes or fluctuating demands, or to just catch up with upgrades. Make your old/existing PCs and laptops work as good as the latest devices.
  • Freedom:

  • Virtual desktops do away with the need for internal servers; moreover, you are spared of all the associated software updates and the support required to maintain the desktops and their network.
  • Security:

  • Provisioned from SSAE-16 Type II certified data centers in New York, our virtual desktops are compliant with stringent standards; in addition, we deploy Cisco ASAs with intrusion prevention systems.
  • Reliability:

  • We guarantee 99.9% uptime with redundancy across power supply and connections to the internet backbone. Our team monitors the virtual desktops 24 x 7 for various infrastructure parameters.
  • Safety:

  • All data gets automatically and regularly backed up in our state-of-the-art data center. Our redundant backup processes ensure quick and complete restoration in case of disaster recovery.
Choose Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 look and feel. For self-installation of applications, pick a dedicated virtual desktop plan. Add Office 365 ProPlus for a low price.

Why Apps4Rent for Virtual Desktops?

Our widespread recognition as a provider of cloud-hosted virtual technologies is built on customer trust, 10000+ of them over 50 countries. 13 years into this business, we have supported them in every hosting related issues they have faced; through our 24x7x365 technical team comprised of Microsoft Certified Professionals.

Today, we are a name to reckon with in the hosting services market. We are a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider as well as Gold Certified Partner.

  • Round-the-clock 365 day support by world’s best technical team

    From helping you install printer drivers or various other devices on these desktops to designing the right solution for your desktop needs-our support team will do it all.
  • Lowest price in the market yet providing highest quality hosting solutions

    Unlike other providers who may trick you to purchase separate desktops for each user, we do not ask you to purchase separate desktops for separate users. You could always add additional users to your current virtual desktop with our offering. This can reduce your costs by more than 50%. Add to that, our plans are priced at just $24.95/month, the lowest in the market.
  • No third party proprietary technology

    Unlike other vendors who use proprietary technology to give you access to desktops via different methods, we use Microsoft’s built-in Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). In many cases, proprietary applications may not be available for all platforms. This method restricts your choice of devices by which you can access the virtual desktops with issues ranging from applications not working in certain devices and OS to limited functionalities. To make your experience easy and rewarding we do not use any third party proprietary technology.

  • Customized plans and business terms and conditions

    Our virtual desktop plans are carefully designed and tailored to your usage needs. Unlike other providers that offer licenses in bulk, we let you ‘pay as you go’. You can increase or reduce the number of licenses as per your usage, without having to preempt your future usage requirements and paying for bulk, upfront. If you are not satisfied with our service, we provide you the option to cancel licenses anytime.
Access your virtual desktop through RDP which is included in Windows OS. RDP equivalents are available for Macs. Or just use an internet browser on your favorite device.


Still need more reasons why you should buy from Apps4Rent?

  • We provide the widest choice of hosting solutions .
  • We put customers’ data security at the top of our priorities.
  • We have exemplary service delivery model that ensures ‘zero error’.
  • We focus on customer centricity – we obsess over the term ‘customer satisfaction’.
  • We are experienced in providing a variety of Microsoft products in the Cloud.
  • We can help you develop custom virtualized environments for your needs.
Save as much as 40% for add-on users on your virtual desktop!