Can I Use QuickBooks with Linux?

While most of the workforce today prefer Windows on their desktop, there is a small but growing minority that prefers Linux over Windows, Mac OS, and other operating systems (OS) However, for all practical purposes, even these businesses have had to use dedicated Windows machines for running their office tasks. Realistically, many of the wid¬¬¬ely […]

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Job Costing in QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop Contractor

Although QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online have been developed by Intuit to solve the same purpose of simplifying accounting tasks, they have vastly different interfaces and functionalities with many overlapping capabilities as they cater to different sets of users. While QuickBooks Desktop continues to hold the edge, many businesses are opting for QuickBooks Online because […]

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How to Fix QuickBooks Desktop Screen Issues for 4K Monitors?

4K technology has enabled users to view applications effectively and efficiently with adequate screen real estate. Despite their humongous size, these screens support ultra-high resolutions and provide a clear, flicker-free viewing experience. However, the size of the screen and the resolution solely cannot deliver an optimal user experience. Applications also have to be compatible with […]

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