Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure

Windows Virtual Desktop (or WVD) is designed for users who want to virtualize Windows 7 and Windows 10 desktops on the Azure cloud. WVD allows multi-session Windows. With the breadth and scale of resources available on Azure, WVD can help mid-sized to large companies in economically moving their enterprise computing onto a cloud platform that has the full commitment of Microsoft and its partners into the future.

Windows Virtual Desktop - Key Differentiators

How is it different from virtual machines on Azure and other DaaS solutions?

Simple and easy
to manage

All the apps & OS-layers are deeply tied together. The way users work in a Windows Virtual Desktop feels natural as the user experience is consistent throughout with the same look-and-feel of a physical desktop.

Multi-session Windows 10 & 7 virtual desktop experience

Get anywhere anytime access from any device. Get the only multi-session Windows 10 & 7 desktop environment in Azure. There are no limits to the number of users available per session.

Office 365 ProPlus

With multi-session virtual desktop options, you can enable optimizations for Office 365 ProPlus experience. Your users get the most productive virtualized environment with Windows Virtual Desktop.

Flexible migration to
Azure for RDSH

Lower your virtualization costs with Windows Virtual Desktop, while customizing your cloud environment with Apps4Rent's help. We migrate your apps, data, and infrastructure seamlessly to Azure.

Easy to implement
with the right expertise

Though WVD opens up a lot of possibilities, managing Azure can be difficult without the right expertise. A partner like Apps4Rent helps you at every step in installing and managing WVD successfully.

Most compliance

Due to Microsoft's strict policies for data protection, it invests heavily in cyber security. Azure has most compliance certifications than any other cloud service. Hence, security is guaranteed by Microsoft.

Who Benefits from WVDs on Azure?

Medium-Sized Businesses

Mid-sized firms (25-1000 employees) with sophisticated IT environments but limited resources.

Companies with Mobile Workforce

Any company with a high percentage of staff that does not work in a traditional office environment.

Serving Over 10,000 Businesses in More Than 90 Countries

Why Apps4Rent for Azure Services?

  • Apps4Rent, a premium Azure service provider, can onboard and support the solution seamlessly for you.
  • We have 16+ years of experience in designing and managing the right cloud infrastructure of all types and sizes.
  • Complete Lifecycle Management for Azure is handled by us, offering you peace of mind as everything is managed by us.
  • We have migrated and supported over a million end-users in the cloud across 90+ countries since 2003.
  • True 24/7 Support from Microsoft-certified experts via phone, chat, and email followed by a quick resolution thereafter.

Typical Use Case

Consider a typical 30-user account that wants to move to Windows Virtual Desktop. When you move your desktops to Azure, you'll need to purchase these separately: Windows licenses, domain controller, virtual machine, file storage, bandwidth, Apps4Rent Support, and backups (if required).

A: License

  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3 ($10/user) = $300/month

B: Domain Controller Cost

  • VM Size: D2v3 (2 vCPU 8GB Memory) = $139.87/month

C: Windows 10 Multi Session VM Cost

  • VM Size: 1 x D8v3 (8 vCPU 32GB Memory) = $559.49/month/virtual machine (Based on pay-as-you-go per month model for the US East Coast location)

D: Total License and Compute Cost: A + B + C = $968.99/month

Other costs include file storage and bandwidth which depends on individual requirement. Let’s assume blanket costs for storage and bandwidth in both scenarios: with and without backups.

WVD Infrastructure Pricing

This is a typical case for 30-user scenario. The costs may change for different requirements.

Items Cost per month
Windows 10 Licenses 1 $300.00
Domain Controller 2 $139.87
Windows 10 Multi Session 3 $559.49
1TB Shared File Storage for User Profile Data $60.06
1TB Bandwidth $88.65
Azure Backups $77.97
Total $1,226.04
Effective Per User Pricing - Without Apps4Rent Support $40.86
Effective Per User Pricing - With Apps4Rent Support $50.86
  1. Enterprise E3 ($10 per user)
  2. VM Size - D2v3 (2 vCPU 8GB Memory)
  3. VM Size - 1 x D8v3 (8 vCPU 32GB Memory)

Apps4Rent Infrastructure Pricing

Equivalent scenario for the above use case

Windows 10 Licenses 1 $464.00
Apps4Rent’s Virtual Desktop 2 $75.95
Additional 4 CPU $14.00
1TB SSD $225.00
Total (Includes Apps4Rent Support) $778.95
Effective Per User Pricing $25.96
  1. $16x29 Users
  2. Gold Plan (4vCPU and 8GB + 29GB = 37GB)

With Apps4Rent, get the similar configuration at much lower price.

Why Use Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure?

  • Same user-friendly experience as the desktop operating system.
  • No limit on number of end users supported on a VM in Windows 10 and 7.
  • Get all the solutions under one roof.
  • Choose from over 50 Azure locations across the globe to setup infrastructure.
  • Secure access with Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Enjoy wide variety of graphics virtualization.
  • Microsoft has built the WVD product that feels like on-premises but has the sophistication and scale of Azure.
  • For companies still wedded to Windows 7, this is a chance to continue with Windows 7 desktops beyond January 2020, when Microsoft stops supporting on-premise Windows 7.
  • For companies who want Windows 10 on their cloud desktops, get expected improvements in data speeds and latencies with newer wireless technologies.

The biggest benefit of Windows Virtual Desktop is that you can access applications remotely that run on Windows 7 or Windows 10-based client operating system. All your data is hosted on Microsoft Azure VMs in Microsoft datacenters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What if your applications are on Windows 7?

As Windows 7 is getting Extended Security Updates till 2023, there is enough time for upgrading applications from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on Microsoft Azure.

2. What if your existing infrastructure is on Azure?

If you already have existing infrastructure on Azure or want to move all your present infrastructure to Azure, opting for Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure reduces the complexities involved in multiple locations. Everything comes under one roof including interface, control panel, Active Directory, and more.

3. What is the list of eligible licenses to access Windows 7/10 with Windows Virtual Desktop?

The following licenses are eligible to access Windows 7/10 with Windows Virtual Desktop:

4. What if you already have Microsoft 365 license?

If you already have Microsoft 365 licenses, you can access Windows 10/7 Enterprise desktops without paying anything extra.

5. How does one move from on-premise to WVDs?

To replicate a well-run on-premise environment, the following elements need to be assembled and configured on the Azure platform. A large Azure VM that is configured for multi-session WVDs, Azure AD, Domain Controller, storage, backup storage, appropriate Microsoft licenses, and a support plan from an Azure partner such as Apps4Rent. For onboarding and continued support, an Azure Partner is a definite requirement, because you need someone knowledgeable to bridge the gaps in the two environments.

6. What levels of graphic virtualizations are available?

There are different levels of graphics virtualization options available in Windows Virtual Desktop. High-performance graphics virtualization is possible with one or more dedicated GPUs in the Virtual Machine. You can also use RemoteFX, which is a high-density graphics virtualization. Dedicated GPUs are performance-oriented while RemoteFX is density-oriented.

7. How does a partner like Apps4Rent add value to Windows Virtual Desktop?

Microsoft Gold Partner like Apps4Rent will help you integrate, deploy and build on the Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities. We'll offer real 24/7 support to the end-users and premium services for targeted solutions in the Azure Marketplace. If you have any deployments on Windows Virtual Desktop, talk to our Microsoft experts now!

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