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Microsoft Cloud PC (Windows 365 Cloud PC) is a brand-new virtualization solution that facilitates the shift to hybrid work with unmatched power, simplicity, and security to solve changing needs of distributed workforces. It offers users a personalized Windows experience spanning across apps, content, and settings on all their devices. Unlike other virtualization solutions that are typically available on a pay-as-you-go model making expenses unpredictable, Microsoft Cloud PC is available with fixed per-user-per-month plans.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Apps4Rent is a pioneering Windows 365 Cloud PC service provider offering licensing and customization assistance with 24/7 phone, chat, and email support.

Why Switch to Cloud PC?

Scalable Turnkey

The interoperable Microsoft Cloud PC service can be deployed in hours. The security profiles and user endpoint experiences remain consistent with the same functionality across devices

Simplified Deployment and Management

Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC is easy to deploy and manage. The virtual endpoints do not require additional workloads, infrastructure, or training for deployment and management.

Best In Class

Cloud PC eliminates the need to use Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. Invasive software does not have to be installed on devices, and professional work and personal data remain separated.

What Are the Microsoft Cloud PC Features?

Elastic Endpoint

Windows 365 Cloud PC is a centralized, cloud-based virtual desktop service. As an elastic endpoint, it can be used on familiar devices without the resources required for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) implementation.

Fast and Lightweight Virtualization?

Unlight a traditional virtualization solution, Windows 365 Cloud PC is a Windows experience streaming service. It offers a full-fidelity experience even with an average internet connection.

Optimized User

Cloud PC offers a persistent and always-ready Windows environment with personalized desktops, apps, files, and settings. This experience remains consistent regardless of the device on which it is accessed.

Why Apps4Rent for Cloud PC Implementation?

Premier Cloud PC

Apps4Rent is one of the few CSPs authorized for Windows 365 licensing. We can help businesses and enterprises implement and customize Cloud PC based on unique requirements.

Vast Cloud Service

Apps4Rent has been providing hosting services for over 18 years. We provide the full spectrum of Microsoft cloud solutions, including Office 365/ Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, and managed Azure services.

Reliable 24/7

Apps4Rent is one of the only CSPs offering end user support for Windows 365 Cloud PCs. Our consultants are available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email for Cloud PC setup and customization.

Serving Over 10,000 Businesses in More Than 90 Countries

Who Benefits from Windows Cloud PC?

Medium-Sized Businesses

Mid-sized firms (25-1000 employees) with sophisticated IT environments but limited resources.

Companies with Mobile Workforce

Any company with a high percentage of staff that does not work in a traditional office environment.

Windows 356 Cloud PC Hosting Plans



(with Azure Hybrid Benefit)

Best for light productivity tools and
web browsers.

  • 2 vCPU
    4 GB RAM
    128 GB Storage
  • Dedicated dashboard for access and management
  • Desktop Office apps, Outlook, and OneDrive supported
  • Supports basic apps
  • Teams with chat and audio calls only
  • 300 users supported



(with Azure Hybrid Benefit)

Ideal for full range of productivity tools and
line-of-business apps.

  • 2 vCPU
    8 GB RAM
    128 GB Storage
  • Dedicated dashboard for access and management
  • Desktop Office apps, Outlook, and OneDrive supported
  • Supports specialized LOB apps
  • Full version of Teams supported
  • 300 users supported



(with Azure Hybrid Benefit)

Designed for high-performance workloads and
heavy data processing tasks.

  • 4 vCPU
    16 GB RAM
    128 GB Storage
  • Dedicated dashboard for access and management
  • Desktop Office apps, Outlook, and OneDrive supported
  • Supports Microsoft Visual Studio, Power BI,
    and Dynamics 365
  • Full version of Teams supported
  • 300 users supported

Why Apps4Rent for Microsoft 365 Cloud PC?

  • Apps4Rent, a premium Microsoft cloud service provider, can onboard and support the solution seamlessly for you.
  • We have 18+ years of experience in designing and managing the right cloud infrastructure for businesses of all types and sizes.
  • We manage the entire lifecycle of the virtualization solution, offering you peace of mind as everything is managed by us.
  • We have migrated and supported over a million end-users in the cloud across 90+ countries since 2003.
  • True 24/7 Support from Microsoft-certified experts via phone, chat, and email followed by a quick resolution thereafter.
  • We are a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for Microsoft services, which means we can communicate with Microsoft on your behalf to resolve issues.
  • Unlike Microsoft, our support is not limited to just system administrators. Our Microsoft-certified engineers offer direct support to end users.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. How does Microsoft Cloud PC work?

Windows 365 Cloud PC is a new category of cloud computing designed to fit the hybrid workspace environment. It combines the simplicity of a physical Windows PC with the accessibility of a traditional VDI. It eliminates the need to allocate resources, use multiple admin roles, build back-end infrastructure, and do other tasks needed to run a cloud-based solution cost-effectively. It can be provisioned easily, and end-users can access their apps, data, file, and settings on any device, even with low bandwidth.

2. What is the difference between Microsoft Windows 365 Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop?

The primary difference between Cloud PC and Azure Virtual Desktop is the way the two solutions are priced. While Cloud PC is available at a fixed rate per user per month and additional network usage costs, Azure Virtual Desktop pricing varies based on resource consumption. Although Azure Virtual Desktop has a wider range of options, Windows 365 Cloud PC is easier to provision and manage. Here is a comparison between Windows 365 Cloud PC vs Azure Virtual Desktop.

3. What is the difference between Enterprise Cloud PC and Business Cloud PC?

Microsoft provides Windows 365 Business and Windows 365 Enterprise as the two edition options with several Cloud PC configurations depending on performance requirements. Business Cloud PC does not require an Azure subscription, and there is no dependence on Intune licenses, as the solution runs entirely in Microsoft's Azure subscription. However, Enterprise Cloud PCs require an Azure subscription with properly configured networks with access to Active Directory on which Azure AD Hybrid Join is enabled.

4. What are the requirements for Cloud PC?

There are two components of Windows 365 Cloud PC in terms of costs, compute license and software license.

Compute capacity will be available over 40 cloud PC options ranging from 1 vCPU to 8 vCPUs, offering between 2 GB to 32 GB of RAM, and 64 GB to 512 GB of storage. In terms of software licensing, Cloud PC can be purchased as standalone, or as a part of M365 E3, E5, and Business Premium subscriptions.

Additionally, Windows 365 Enterprise Cloud PCs have the following additional requirements.

5. Is it possible to upgrade or downgrade Windows 365 Cloud PC plans?

The option to resize RAM, CPU, and storage size is available for Windows 365 Enterprise customers. While such users can use the feature to increase the resources in the Cloud PC, the option to downgrade is not yet available. Also, it is not possible to convert Windows 365 Business licenses to Windows 365 Enterprise.

6. Are there any discounts for Windows 365 Cloud PC?

Primary users of Windows 10 Pro licensed devices can save as much as 16% on Windows 365 Business subscriptions with Windows Hybrid Benefit. Such users must access the Windows 365 service with their Windows 10 Pro licensed device at least once during the subscription term to maintain the discounted pricing.

7. Is Windows 365 Cloud PC available for personal use?

No, Cloud PC subscriptions are built for businesses, ranging from a one-person company to enterprises that employ thousands to a small business of one. They are not licensed for non-business uses.

8. Why Apps4Rent for Windows 365 Cloud PC implementation?

Apps4Rent is one of a handful of CSPs that offers managed Azure services for deployment, management, and optimization of Windows 365 Cloud PCs. We can provide appropriate Microsoft 365/ Windows 365 licenses and help with enrollment, membership, billing, subscription, user management, and provisioning cloud PCs, that are ready to be delivered to end-users. We can also help to customize workflows and upgrade the existing virtual infrastructure to drive Cloud PC adoption.

Bill, Project Manager, Columbus, Ohio

"We found managing Azure to be quite challenging and tricky. If you just go with Microsoft, the granular updates and customizations won't be provided which can be crucial to your company. An Azure partner such as Apps4Rent brings a lot of rich experience on the table."

Kristen, Developer, Montgomery, Alabama

"If you do not have the right expertise to manage Azure, your money can drain down quickly. Apps4Rent has talented Azure engineers, who will be able to solve your cloud problems in no time. Even if you call them at 2 am, you get a steady response unlike other vendors."

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