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SharePoint Hosting – 2016, 2013, 2010

If you are looking for a SharePoint hosting solution, then Apps4Rent is the right partner for you. We offer the most choices for SharePoint hosting: different versions (2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007); editions (Foundation, Standard and Enterprise); and modes (hosted or multi-tenant, dedicated, and farm). Our breadth of offerings, designed for every budget and need, has resulted in thousands of satisfied clients – from the smallest of organizations to Fortune 500 companies. With excellent 24/7 support, we have served clients around the world for a decade. Find out below, what can one do with SharePoint, who benefits from SharePoint hosting, and why choose Apps4Rent for SharePoint services.

SharePoint 2016 Starter

  • 250 MB Disk Space
  • Add Std./Enterprise CALs
  • Project Collaboration
  • Document Sharing
  • Mobile Access

*Unlimited Users are applicable only for SharePoint 2013 plans.

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  • Everyone Benefits from SharePoint Hosting

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  • Choice of SharePoint Versions

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  • Choice of SharePoint Editions

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  • Choice of Hosting Modes

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  • In the Cloud or On-Premises

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  • SharePoint Consulting Services

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  • Why Apps4Rent for your Hosting Partner?

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SharePoint 2013
Helps Organize a
Growing Workforce
Apparel Retailer, California
The apparel chain faced serious challenges managing its increasing workforce. This saw them choosing Apps4Rent to help install, monitor, and support a SharePoint 2013 farm site they adopted to increase collaboration between the workforce.
Microsoft Azure Cloud
Solves Server Infrastructure Challenges
Telecomm Supplier, Arizona
The company’s SharePoint server was unable to take heavy workload. They chose Apps4Rent to built a robust infrastructure on Azure cloud to migrate the SharePoint site. Apps4Rent completed the migration task in a record 3 weeks’ time.
Apps4Rent Helps Deploy
SharePoint Licenses
On The Cloud
Surgical Instruments, Minnesota
The company did not want to waste its existing SharePoint licenses, 1100 and counting, while moving to the Cloud. Apps4Rent repurposed their existing licenses acquired under Volume License (VL) to the Cloud with Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance program
Apps4Rent Jump Starts
Project Server Migration
Auto Parts, Michigan
An auto parts manufacturer in a quest for a powerful online project management tool opted for Project Server 2016 version from the 2013 version. But they botched up the migration trying to do it in-house. Apps4Rent came into the rescue and put the migration task back on track.

What can you do with Hosted SharePoint?

  • Intranets
  • Extranets
  • Websites
  • Mobile compatible websites
  • Portals
  • Wikis
  • Online surveys
  • Online content management
  • Online dashboards
  • Online calendars
  • Online contact management
  • Online document management
  • Online project management
  • Online Excel spreadsheets
  • Access database hosting
  • Visio hosting and publishing
  • Infopath forms hosting
  • Online analytics for business intelligence
  • Social networking features
  • SharePoint apps for specific business functions


lot of scope for SharePoint developers to write custom or off-the-shelf apps. SharePoint developers can benefit greatly from Apps4rent’s flex-dedicated or dedicated SharePoint offerings to create development and test environments for their SharePoint apps. Apps4Rent also offers shared and dedicated Linux and Windows servers for software development needs.

Collaboration is a breeze with SharePoint. Make your team more productive every day with powerful built-in features of SharePoint.
See how a growing retail chain improved collaboration among its nationwide workforce with a SharePoint farm solution from Apps4Rent.

Who Benefits from Apps4Rent’s SharePoint Hosting?

  • Owners and Managers:

  • If you manage a team or an organization, you can improve the productivity of your team through online collaboration. SharePoint is perhaps the best online collaboration software. With Apps4Rent’s SharePoint hosting solutions, owners and managers can quickly get the benefits without any upfront costs or time or technology expertise.
  • Software Developers:

  • SharePoint is a complete platform and widely used in the business world. With inclusion of SharePoint apps in SharePoint 2013 and ease of integrating apps written in all common programming languages, there is a lot of scope for SharePoint developers to write custom or off-the-shelf apps. SharePoint developers can benefit greatly from Apps4rent’s flex-dedicated or dedicated SharePoint offerings to create development and test environments for their SharePoint apps. Apps4Rent also offers shared and dedicated Linux and Windows servers for software development needs.
  • IT Staff:

  • Underneath its user friendly interface, SharePoint is a complex software that has a fair amount of administrative burden. IT staff managers may not have the resources to manage all their SharePoint servers in-house. By hosting SharePoint solutions, Apps4Rent can take some load from the IT staff freeing them up for other important tasks. Apps4Rent’s expert staff can also help IT departments get the best out of their SharePoint investment.
  • Non-Profits:

  • Non-profit organizations such as those revolving around religion, education, sports, and charity – typically do not have large funding for IT. In addition they may work with a small core staff and a large number of part-timers and volunteers. Apps4Rent’s hosted SharePoint can be used to bring their teams together all across the world for an incredibly low monthly cost.
  • Families, Friends, and Neighbors:

  • Friends and family normally use tools such as texting, calling, and social networks to communicate. SharePoint 2013, that is a s easy to use as any social network, offers far more collaboration features such as sharing of calendars, tasks, files, and links on a private site available through PCs, Macs, smart phones, and tablets.
Whether, you are an end-user, manager, or a software developer, you can depend on us to provide you reliable ready-to-go and custom SharePoint solutions that meet your needs.

What SharePoint versions and editions do we offer?

  • SharePoint 2016 (Server Standard & Enterprise Editions):

  • This version is now  the latest SharePoint version. We are among the earliest to offer  its two variants (Standard-Enterprise) in hosted and dedicated  environments. 
  • SharePoint 2013 (Foundation, Standard, & Enterprise Editions):

  • This version is currently the most prevalent SharePoint  version. We offer all the three variants (Foundation-Standard-Enterprise) in hosted/semi-hosted/dedicated and farm environments.
  • SharePoint 2010 (Foundation, Standard, & Enterprise Editions):

  • This was a big upgrade from the interface perspective. Apps4Rent was the earliest providers to launch SharePoint 2010 and all its variants in true multi-tenant environment. We offer all the three variants (Foundation-Standard-Enterprise) in hosted/semi-hosted/dedicated and farm environments.
  • MOSS 2007 (Standard & Enterprise Editions):

  • This is an advanced version of WSS 3.0 which our customers can use in dedicated server environments. The servers are fully managed and monitored by us with option to add High Availability.
  • Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS 3.0):

  • This was an upgrade from WSS 2.0. Our customers have been using WSS 3.0 both in dedicated as well as hosted environment.
No competitor offers as many SharePoint hosting options as we do. We will support you with the latest SharePoint version or an earlier version if you prefer, in the Cloud as well as on-premises.

What modes of SharePoint hosting do we offer?

  • Hosted or Multi-Tenant:

  • The hosted offering is designed for small businesses who want to leverage SharePoint as an Out-of-the- box technology. These offerings do not require any server or technical knowledge from the user’s perspective. Our customers get a user friendly control panel, where users can easily be created, who in-turn can login, collaborate, share documents and perform host of other tasks from within SharePoint. With the hosted offering, we provide end user support for SharePoint with “How To” articles and videos. End user support is available 24 X 7 via phone/chat and e-mail at no additional cost.
  • Semi-Dedicated or Flex Solution

  • With the semi-dedicated also known as the flex solution; customer gets full access to the SharePoint instance. Customer also gets administrator access to the SharePoint server. A customer can then make server side changes; and install any application he wants. The database instance is the shared instance. Customer has access only the SharePoint server and Central Admin but not the database server. This architecture allowed us to reduce the costs while meeting the requirements of our customers.
  • Dedicated Servers:

  • These are fully managed servers. We provide dedicated servers for SharePoint with a very competitive pricing. The servers include full access to the SharePoint as well as the database instance. This gives customers full access to the entire environment and hence ability to change almost everything that they wish. Customers can also install applications of their choice and make server wide changes. Besides, customers can choose AD Integration via VPN or ADFS. They can bring in their own certificate and whole lot of customization. With dedicated server offerings, customers can choose to bring in their own licenses via Microsoft’s License Mobility and Software Assurance Program if they have organization wide volume licensing in place. Please free to consult our sales representatives to find out more about the license transfer options.
  • Farm Solution

  • This is designed for customers who have business or mission critical applications running via SharePoint server or want scalability on the go. With the dedicated server option, all roles are installed on the same server; however, with the farm option, different servers have different roles. With this environment, customers can add redundant servers based on their needs. They can have NLB based Front Ends for business critical sites. They can have separate application servers or database servers with failovers. The environment is designed in such a way that customers can start with single server roles and scale up and add redundancy when the need arises. Customers can add Active Directory integration via VPN or with ADFS. Customers may be able to bring their own licenses via Microsoft’s License mobility and Software Assurance, thereby bringing down the costs.
Depending on your need for affordability, scale, flexibility, and control; a hosted, dedicated, or farm solution may be right for you.

Why Apps4Rent for SharePoint Hosting?

  • Price Leadership:

  • Whether you are looking for a hosted or dedicated or farm SharePoint solution, Apps4Rent offers some of the best prices in the business. We provide deep expertise at affordable prices that lowers the resistance towards adoption of SharePoint.
  • Deep Expertise in SharePoint and Hosting

  • We offer the widest choices of SharePoint hosting solutions allowing our customers to pick just the right solution for their needs of the moment. Our team has over 10 years of experience in providing hosting services for Microsoft products such as SharePoint, Exchange, Project Server, virtual desktops, and virtual servers. We hold Microsoft Gold competencies in “Hosting” and “Content & Collaboration”. With quality service delivery, Apps4Rent has earned the trust of more than 10,000 customers in over 50 countries.
  • Secure and Reliable Infrastructure:

  • Our infrastructure is hosted in a SSAE 16 certified datacenters. Server clusters are designed for redundancies and security. There is 24/7 staff available for monitoring, system administration and customer support, ensuring that your applications are running smoothly all the time.
  • Customer Centric Focus:

  • At Apps4Rent, no customer is too small. Our support team will patiently work with you till you get the solution you need. Besides live 24/7 support by phone, email, and chat, our support includes detailed articles in our online knowledge base, blog posts, and videos.
Apps4Rent offers you great prices, and a decade of deep experience in hosting SharePoint and other Microsoft applications. Let us help you today!