Add massive computing power to your Cloud desktop with shared and dedicated GPUs.

Hosted Virtual Desktops with GPUs

Typically, GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) are designed for parallel processing, to improve graphics and numerically intensive tasks like rendering quickly richer displays on your computer particularly required by applications such as games/graphics and video applications/engineering design/and 3-D applications. GPUs were designed to take load away from CPU so that CPU could perform other computing operations that are better suited for serial processing.

Why is there a greater interest in GPUs today?

GPU instances with us are not only restricted for customers who need high-end graphics. By running numerous smaller tasks in parallel, GPUs can harness the processing power needed not just for high-end graphics but also for high performance computing. You could harness GPUs power to handle compute-intensive tasks to advanced graphics to machine learning.

Another recent development is the support by vendors of GPU to popular virtualization and Cloud based platforms. This allows sharing of the GPU power among Cloud based virtual machines.

GPUs will work in conjunction with your server’s CPU to enhance the processing performance. You can add dedicated or shared GPUs to your virtual desktops or virtual servers for graphics intensive applications; streaming applications; 3D modelling and rendering; machine learning; high performance databases, data mining, and host of other applications.

GPU Enhanced Hosted Virtual Desktops from Apps4Rent

Responding to the demand by its customers, Apps4Rent has incorporated GPUs into its hosted virtual desktop offerings. Now you can easily add graphics acceleration to your current Virtual Desktops or Virtual servers with us. Use our GPUs and accelerate graphics performance or other computational demands for a fraction of the cost of stand-alone graphics card.

GPU performance on Apps4Rent Virtual Desktops and Virtual Servers are powered by nVIDIA’s Tesla and nVIDIA’s Grid K2.

Choose between Shared and Dedicated GPUs

Apps4Rent deploys nVIDIA’s Grid technology which is the most advanced technology for sharing virtual GPU’s across multiple desktops/servers. Memory of a shared vGPU will have more than one customer using the nVIDIA’s Tesla or nVIDIA’s Grid resources. While, the computing/rendering power is derived from the same GPU; RAM that is assigned to you from the GPU is available to your machine at all times.

Our Shared vGPUs hit the sweet spot between price and performance. If you are looking for optimized performance or incrementally increase the performance and at the same time get cost benefits then Shared vGPU is the way ahead. You could always move to Dedicated GPUs without any hassle.

If you are looking to incrementally increase the performance of your machine or better the current multimedia experience; then choose from buffer sizes of 512 MB to 8 GB RAM on the vGPU via the shared model.

Shared GPUs are best suited for

  • Light Streaming applications
  • Xsplitter
  • Enhanced streaming experience
  • Enhanced gaming experience
  • Average graphic usage for 2D and 3D applications
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Trading Applications/Algorithm
  • Data mining
  • Financial service applications


Dedicated GPUs bring the full benefit of nVIDIA hardware-accelerated graphics to the virtual desktop or virtual server. When you add a Dedicated GPU to your existing virtual desktop or virtual server-you get complete horsepower of the GPU. The entire GPU and its memory are assigned to your virtual desktop or virtual server. They are setup as pass-through and resources are not shared with anyone.

Dedicated GPU setup is engineered for professional grade virtualized graphics and deep learning. Dedicated GPU provides exceptional graphics performance-similar to that of a workstation. Due to pass-through technology employed for Dedicated GPU setups-applications even running in non-virtualized environments can be virtualized without worrying about compatibility.

Dedicated GPUs are best for

  • VFX
  • Studio grade application like Maya
  • Video encoding applications
  • Rendering Applications
  • High performance gaming servers
  • Game streaming
  • TeraChem
  • 3D Applications and 3D rendering
  • AutoDESK
  • AutoCAD
  • Other CAD; CAM or CAE tools
  • Photoshop
  • Other High graphics intensive applications or deep learning
  • Streaming applications like OBS


Signup now for a virtual desktop or a virtual server along with GPU now. If you have a virtual desktop or virtual server then harness its true power by adding GPUs and get true value for money!

With GPU enhanced virtual desktops, speed up your graphics intensive applications such as gaming, streaming, and CAD. Harness the same power for cutting edge applications such as AI, deep learning, and simulations.
Apps4Rent’s GPU enhanced desktops deploy nVIDIA’s Grid technology, which optimizes sharing virtual GPUs across multiple virtual desktops or servers. Our Shared vGPUs hit the sweet spot between price and performance.
When you add a dedicated GPU to your existing virtual desktop or virtual server, you get complete horsepower of the GPU. Dedicated GPU setup is engineered for professional grade virtualized graphics and deep learning.
With GPU, enhance the quality of your user experience on Cloud Desktop. Play that high-end game or watch that HD video streaming with the optimum experience. That’s the power of having a GPU on a Virtual Desktop!
Choose between the two GPU options: Shared or Dedicated. Depending upon your requirement, select the best one that suits you. Got questions on GPU selection? Feel free to have a chat with our experts.