QuickBooks Hosting on a Cloud Desktop

Extremely User Friendly

Works just like your physical desktop

Get the same experience as using QuickBooks on your physical desktop. We are unique in offering our customers a choice of Windows 7, 8, or 10 look-and-feel on their Cloud Desktop.

Accessible anywhere on all popular devices

You can access QuickBooks from your home, office, or even on-the-go. It is accessible from Mac, PC, Chromebooks, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. Keep your accounts up-to-date from everywhere!

QuickBooks 2017 to 2020 supported

QuickBooks versions supported: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020. QuickBooks editions supported: Pro, Premier, Enterprise. Bring your own licenses or purchase from us. Get free setup in the cloud.

Works with all local devices

Need to print to a local printer from your cloud-based QuickBooks software? You can easily connect your printer and other external devices such as scanners, storage, and multiple monitors.

Safe, Secure, Reliable

99.9% uptime guarantee

You want your QuickBooks in the cloud available when you need it. That's why we match the industry standard service level of 99.9% uptime, the same service level guaranteed by Microsoft for Office 365.

Data backup on a daily basis

Your data on the Cloud Desktop has daily data backup, something small business otherwise fail to do on their own, which leaves them vulnerable in case of hardware or software failure.

Includes Windows Defender and firewall

We know that customer data is vulnerable to hackers, malware, and viruses. Our QuickBooks Cloud desktops are protected by a best-of-the-breed firewall and anti-virus software Windows Defender.

Based in top-tier data centers

Our cloud infrastructure is based in SSAE 16 certified data centers in New York City and New Jersey, meeting the redundancy and security standards of top banks and financial institutions.

Flexible as per Requirements

Add/subtract users as per your needs

With time, your business requirements change. We have very flexible plans that are designed according to your requirements. Upgrade users, storage, RAM, vCPUs at any point in your subscription.

No lengthy contracts. Pay monthly

We do not tie our customers with lengthy contracts. We adopt a 'pay-as-you-go' model which means you pay monthly. It includes free setup and comes with a 15-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Add third-party apps on same desktop

In addition to QuickBooks, you can add several third-party Windows applications on your Cloud Desktop. Your QuickBooks Cloud Desktop comes pre-installed with many free applications and tools.

24/7/365 expert support

If you face any technical problems on Cloud Desktop related to QuickBooks, contact us 24/7/365 via chat, email or phone. We respond within 15 minutes with a quick resolution thereafter.

Inclusive of All the Features

Pre-installed free applications and tools

Your QuickBooks Cloud Desktop has pre-installed free applications: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Windows Media Player, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Remote Desktop, MS Paint, Notepad, Notes, Open Office.

Apps that integrate with QuickBooks

You can install your own software subscriptions that integrate with QuickBooks: Bill.com, Expensify, TSheets. Unlike competitors, we do not charge extra for hosting such additional applications.

Office 365 ProPlus available

Office 365 ProPlus includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Access, Skype for Business, 1 TB space/user on OneDrive for Business. Get Office 365 ProPlus at $13/user/month.

Secure data connection with SSL

Your data connection is safe with "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) certification. Whenever you connect to our Cloud Desktop with QuickBooks, all your details are encrypted in a safe environment.

Quality Service at Low Price

Competitive prices in the market

We have always been known in the industry for high quality service at low prices. Our mission is to proliferate the cloud business among the masses, and our low pricing reflects just that.

Experienced player in QuickBooks hosting

Since a decade, we have hosted accounting and tax applications such as QuickBooks, Peachtree/Sage, and Drake on our Cloud Desktop. We understand the needs of accountants.

Authorized hosting for Desktop QuickBooks

Apps4Rent is an authorized standard host for QuickBooks software. Apps4Rent is also authorized to resell licenses under the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program.

Over 10,000 customers served

We have served over 10,000 customers, including all kinds of businesses, over the last 15 years across more than 90 countries. We are not just any other cloud hosting company, we are Apps4Rent.

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Serving Over 10,000 Businesses in More Than 90 Countries

QuickBooks on Cloud in 3 Easy Steps:


Select the Right Plan

Based on the number of users, buy the recommended plan from the table below.


Add Users during Signup

During sign up, request us
for add-on users.


Install QuickBooks

Once your virtual desktop is ready, install QuickBooks and other applications
you need.

Session Based Plan: Just select the number of users and the version of QuickBooks. Each user gets a session-based-desktop for $24.95/month. Pay annually and get a 10% discount.

Dedicated Quickbooks Plans: Consider a 3-user QuickBooks requirement. We recommend a Dedicated Silver virtual desktop plan with 2 add-on users. This results in total of 8 GB RAM (6GB with Dedicated Silver and 1 GB per add-on user). The total monthly price for 3 users becomes $71.95/month ($39.95/month for Dedicated Silver plan + $16*2=$32/month for the 2 add-on users). Note that there is also an additional $5/user/month Intuit Surcharge Fee.


  • Grid-powered, fully-burstable
    RAM and vCPU
  • Install Office 365 or Excel
  • 1 user only
  • 5 GB disk space
    Additional space @ $1/GB/month
  • Option to add users

QuickBooks Bronze

  • 4 GB RAM and
    2 vCPUs
  • Install custom applications
  • 1 user only
  • 40 GB disk space
  • No add-on users

QuickBooks Silver

  • 6 GB RAM and
    2 vCPUs
  • Install custom applications
  • 2-5 suggested users
  • 65 GB disk space
  • Add-on users @ $16/user/month

QuickBooks Gold

  • 12 GB RAM and
    4 vCPUs
  • Install custom applications
  • 6+ suggested users
  • 100 GB disk space
  • Add-on users @ $16/user/month

*Note: $5/user/month Intuit Surcharge Fee is additional.

Why choose Apps4Rent as your QuickBooks hosting service provider?

There are many cloud providers which offer QuickBooks hosting services, but only a few can claim our following achievements:

  • Apps4Rent is an authorized standard host for QuickBooks software. QuickBooks Software is hosted by Apps4Rent under license from Intuit Inc.
  • We have served over 10,000 businesses - from small and medium businesses to Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits, government agencies, and independent CPAs.
  • We have over 15 years of experience in Cloud hosting business, including accounting applications such as QuickBooks; business applications such as Office 365, and cloud infrastructure such as virtual desktops, servers, and private cloud.
  • We have Microsoft Gold Certification in Application Development, Collaboration and Content, Datacenter, Small and Midmarket Cloud Solutions, and Cloud Productivity. We also have Microsoft Silver Certification in Cloud Platform.
  • We are a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider for Office 365 and Azure.
  • Besides our lowest QuickBooks hosting pricing, we provide best 24/7 support by phone, chat, and email.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Will my QuickBooks version work on virtual desktops the same way as on a physical desktop/server?

Yes. Your QuickBooks Desktop version can be installed on our virtual desktops. We offer virtual desktops with choice of Windows 7, 8, and 10 look-and-feel; the right version of the OS can be matched with your QuickBooks version. Once the installation is done, you can access QuickBooks from PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, iOS, and Android devices. Local devices such as printers and USB devices work normally with the virtual desktops.

2. Can multiple users access the same QuickBooks desktop software?

Yes. Multiple users can simultaneously use the same QuickBooks on our virtual desktops. For multiple users, you need a session-based plan or at least Dedicated Virtual Desktop Silver plan, and appropriate multi-user QuickBooks licenses. Each user gets his own desktop environment with dedicated and shared space. Account administrators can control access to applications for individual users.

3. Is Apps4Rent Hosting an authorized provider of remote hosting for QuickBooks users?

Yes. Apps4Rent is an authorized standard host for QuickBooks software.

4. Does Apps4Rent offer QuickBooks licensing too?

As a participant in the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program, Apps4Rent also offers QuickBooks licensing for all the versions including Pro, Premier, Enterprise, and Accounting. It is very convenient to have a single vendor for both licensing as well as hosting of QuickBooks. Please check with our sales agents for promotions.

5. Does it benefit me if I buy QuickBooks licenses from Apps4Rent?

Yes. We offer significant discount on our QuickBooks licensing plans in comparison to regular market pricing. Apps4Rent is your best option for QuickBooks in terms of pricing, quality, and performance.

6. Is my data safe? Will the data be backed up?

Your data on our virtual desktops is 100% safe behind secure firewalls. Your QuickBooks cloud storage is safe with us, even if you lose your data due to any disaster. We have QuickBooks cloud backups ready whenever you need it. Our top tier New Jersey-based datacenters offer best cloud storage for QuickBooks.

7. How difficult is it to migrate QuickBooks in the cloud?

It is easy to migrate an on-premise installation of QuickBooks to our virtual desktops. Take a backup of your QuickBooks company files from within QuickBooks Desktop. Then install your desktop QuickBooks version to the virtual desktop as one would do on a physical desktop. Finally, restore your data from the backup onto the virtual desktop. If you face any problems with the installation, our team is available 24/7 to help you. We make sure that your QuickBooks desktop hosting experience is very easy.

8. What are the benefits of hosting QuickBooks on our Cloud Desktop?

Being able to access your QuickBooks and other installed software applications from anywhere anytime is the biggest benefit. Cloud hosting is also budget-friendly and hassle-free in the long run. Your data is safe and backed up regularly, your applications are available 24/7, and our team is protecting your infrastructure 24/7. This is the primary reason why cloud based QuickBooks is getting popular.

9. Can you move QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud?

Yes. QuickBooks Enterprise version is used by enterprises that have more than 5 users. Since it deals with large amounts of QuickBooks data, it is often confused to be a primarily cloud-based QuickBooks version. But QuickBooks Enterprise is also a desktop software just like QuickBooks Pro and Premier editions. Since Apps4Rent offers hosting services for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise version, we can host the QuickBooks Enterprise in the cloud.

10. Who will provide the support? Apps4Rent or QuickBooks Support?

Apps4Rent will make sure that QuickBooks is working and accessible by the licensed users 24/7. Our support staff are available 24/7/365 to help you with issues such as access, installation, printing, driver updates, and security patches. For QuickBooks Support, our team will work like your internal IT team. However, our support staff will not be able to help customers with issues related to the accounting functionality itself. For QuickBooks functionalities, you will have to work with QuickBooks Support and forums. Anything related to IT infrastructure, we are always there.

11. Is there a contract period?

No. Our virtual desktops are available on a month-to-month basis. We are confident of our capabilities and do not tie our customers down with lengthy contracts.

12. Can I use it anytime from any device?

Yes. That's the big advantage of using QuickBooks cloud version. You can use it anywhere anytime from any device be it Mac, Windows, Android or iOS devices, Chromebooks, Surface Pro and more. All you need to have is an internet connection and you're good to go!

13. Does Apps4Rent have any experience in QuickBooks hosting?

Yes. We have served over thousands of customers who have used our QuickBooks virtual desktops for all editions of QuickBooks. We have satisfied and happy users for QuickBooks Pro hosting, who have used our services from years. Our QuickBooks Premier hosting services are particularly liked by businesses in small-town United States. Our customers who have used our QuickBooks Enterprise hosting solutions have reviewed us as the best QuickBooks hosting provider. This is due to our rich experience in cloud hosting combined with quality support at low pricing. Since a decade, we have hosted small business accounting and tax applications such as QuickBooks, Peachtree/Sage, and Drake on our virtual desktops and servers.

14. Why should I choose Apps4Rent over other QuickBooks hosting partners?

Apart from our impeccable cloud-based services and round-the-clock support, our QuickBooks cloud pricing is among the lowest in the market. We also offer 15-day money back guarantee. You can obtain QuickBooks licenses through Apps4Rent. Our concierge 24/7 support via phone, chat, and email make us one of the best QuickBooks cloud hosting services in the market. With more than 10,000 customers including Fortune 500 companies, we are an established name in cloud business since 2003.

15. How do I proceed further for a purchase?

You can click on the "Buy Now" button above and you will be shown the step to proceed further. Do not hesitate to contact our support desk if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing Apps4Rent.

Tyler, Attorney, Brooklyn, New York

"Whenever there is an issue, their turnaround time is remarkable. I have reached out by phone, chat, and email and have got a quick response each time. Apps4Rent stays on the case till the issue is resolved. They have a knowledgeable team and skilled operators."

Amanda, Book Keeper, Houston, Texas

"I work at a small accounting firm, where we require just two users on QuickBooks Pro. Our requirement is small, so other providers don't take us seriously. But I was treated so well at Apps4Rent. Nash even did a remote session and showed me how to use the service. Apps4Rent services are impressive."

Jessica, Florist, Atlanta, Georgia

"The low price seemed too good to be true. I was apprehensive at first because there is always some catch in low prices. But they turned out to be much better than our previous provider. Really happy with the QuickBooks service by Apps4Rent."

Ethan, IT Manager, Denver, Colorado

"We had 21 QuickBooks Enterprise users logged in at the same time during peak accounting season. We were really worried. But everything went so well, and we faced no problems at all. We were relieved. Apps4Rent really delivered on their promise."