Project Server 2019 vs 2016

Project Server 2019 is the latest version of Microsoft Project Server. While some of the features in Project Server 2019 are deprecated, there are a host of features upgraded from its previous 2016 version. Here is a table of comparison between Project Server 2019 vs Project Server 2016:

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Features Project Server 2019 Project Server 2016
Compatible with Project Professional 2019, 2016 yes yes
Compatible with Project Online Desktop Client yes yes
Compatible with Project Professional 2013  NO yes

Direct upgrade from Project Server 2013 version
No direct upgrade to Project Server 2019 from 2013 version. Needs to be upgraded to 2016 version.

NO yes
Project Server Interface (PSI) Extensions NO yes
Resource Engagement API’s
yes NO
Expanded reporting settings with better performance of OData Reports yes NO
Percent complete in the Timeline yes NO
Add Team from multiple employees yes NO
Column for related summary task name yes NO
Select predecessor and successor from value list yes NO
450 user-defined fields and look-up tables yes NO
Configure data granularity (days, months, years) for time-phased data yes NO
Increase in-custom fields restriction for added flexibility in design yes NO
Individual project IDs for faster searches and orientation yes NO
Self-assigning of tasks with Team Assignment Pool yes NO
Increased support for barrier freedom yes NO
Optimized access options for Project Web App yes NO
Expanded API for resource management yes NO
Assignment of labels for multi-row time lines yes NO
Configurable & unique Project IDs at project creation
Individual project IDs provide faster searches and orientation
yes NO
Configuration with Power BI Content Pack for better reporting yes NO
Linkage between Project Professional and Microsoft Planner schedule yes NO
New templates in Project Client yes NO
Collaboration with SharePoint Server 2019 yes NO

The upgrade to Project Server 2019 can only be made from Project Server 2016. There is no direct upgrade from Project Server 2013 to Project Server 2019. The 2013 version need to be upgraded to the 2016 version first, and then further upgrade to the 2019 version.

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