Virtual Desktop


Project Server 2013

Project Server 2016

New Features in 2016
“Tell me what you want to do” Query Box No Yes
Web Add-ins with Writing Capability No Yes
Reporting with MS Project Server No Yes
Multiple Timelines No Yes
Resource Engagements No Yes
Common Features
Direct Access to SQL Server Databases and OLAP Databases Yes Yes
SharePoint Business Intelligence Center Yes Yes
Excel Yes Yes
Excel Services Yes Yes
Power View Yes Yes
Excel 2010 with Power Pivot Add-In Yes Yes
Visio, Visio Services Yes Yes
Performance Point Services Yes Yes
SQL Reporting Services Yes Yes
New Reports (including Burndown) Yes Yes
Time-Phased Data Yes Yes
Non Time-Phased Data Yes Yes
Resource Management Yes Replaced with Resource Engagements
Views Yes Yes
Recycling Bin for Documents, Projects, and Sites Yes Yes
Project Web Applications (Add Applications to PWA) Yes Yes
SharePoint Permission Mode or Project Server Permission Mode Yes Yes
Monitoring Enhancements Yes Yes
SharePoint Designer for Workflows Yes Yes
Direct Access to SQL Server Databases and OLAP Databases Yes Yes
Direct SQL Query Access to Project Server and SharePoint Databases Yes Yes
Relational Reporting Database (Project Service) Yes Yes
Discontinued Features
Full Access to PSI and CSOM Yes No
As a result of full access to the databases, PSI and CSOM there is more flexibility for Business Intelligence, Dashboards, and Reports Yes No
Access using CSOM Yes No

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