Virtual Desktop

Microsoft Project Server 2016 Standard
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Number of Users 1
Add-on Per User 1 $34/user/mo.
Disk Space 1 2 GB
Add on Disk Space 2 yes
Monthly Transfer Unlimited
Built on SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise yes
Business Intelligence yes
Capacity Planning yes
Custom Code and Add-ons yes
Enhanced Reporting yes
Enterprise Resource Management yes
Extend Interoperability yes
Portfolio Dashboards & Reports yes
Project Documents, Issues, Risks yes
Publish Projects Online yes
Simplified Administration yes
Timesheets yes
Update Tasks Online yes
Workflow, Portfolio Optimization yes
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1. Every additional user will get additional space of 2 GB.
2. Add on Disk Space:

  • 1 GB additional space: $8.95
  • 5 GB additional space: $24.95
  • 20 GB additional space: $59.95
  • 75 GB additional space: $129.95
  • 150 GB additional space: $259.00
  • 200 GB additional space: $369.00

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