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GPU Rendering in the Cloud

Rendering is an important step in the automatic development of realistic 3D images and animation from 2D and 3D models (or collectively scene files). Scene files contain objects and associated attributes such as geometry, viewpoint, shading, texture, and lighting. Rendering is a time and resource intensive process which needs powerful hardware preferably with a Graphical Processing Unit (GPU). Rendering using GPU in the cloud is a solution that makes it easy for artists, designers, game developers, and marketing departments to get tremendous amount of CPU and GPU resources with minimal investment. The rendering is done much more quickly in the cloud and frees up the internal resources to the developers.

Whether you require rendering for a small one-time project, or you’ve the continuous need for rendering, Apps4Rent can help you. With its GPU accelerated virtual desktops, Apps4Rent provides the computing power your resource intensive rendering software needs so that you can get quicker results and deliver projects with better quality and on time. And if you want to render longer movies and animation, Apps4Rent as an Azure partner can get you practically unlimited resources billed by the hour.

Why Choose Apps4Rent for Your Rendering Requirements?

  • Power When You Require

    Rendering is very power-intensive process. It requires a lot of computing horsepower and uses sophisticated machines. If you have a project that requires rendering for finite period, you don’t need to spend huge dollars on hardware. Apps4Rent offers scalable Cloud Desktops which can handle huge amount of computational power required for rendering. You can scale it up and down as per your requirement.

    If you need even more power and scalability, you can go for rendering on Azure.

  • Rendering Is Not Limited to Few Industries

    A lot of people relate the term “rendering” to movies and gaming, but rendering is much more to that. In addition to VFX world, rendering is used in many industries like advertising, genomics, entertainment to name a few. Traditionally, rendering has been a time-consuming process which can take hours for full 3D modeling. With GPU rendering from Apps4Rent, cut down your render time drastically.

  • Lower Costs of Rendering

    If you have random requirement for rendering as per projects, setting up entire rendering farms is unnecessary as well as expensive. The cloud-based rendering not only lowers your costs but offers great amount of flexibility. You can match your resources and select CPU/GPU based on rendering software. For example, the rendering software Octane fully uses a CUDA-enabled Nvidia GPU. Similarly, different renderers use different combinations of CPU/GPU cores.

    Pay monthly for our Virtual Desktop plans. If you want to pay on hourly basis, you can go for rendering on Azure.

  • Streamlining of User Experience

    Rendering on cloud works similarly as it works in a local machine. You can install your 3D design applications (3ds Max, Blender, Maya, Revit, Premier, After Effects) and specialized rendering software (Octane, V-Ray, Redshift) on our Virtual Desktops. Render your files using these modeling programs and have a streamlined user experience.

  • We Take Care of Rendering Infrastructure

    Apps4Rent believes that creating a perfect artwork is the job of artist. We take care of the infrastructure that supports that task. We provide bandwidth, plumbing, interface on our Cloud Desktops, thereby taking care of entire graphics pipeline. Go ahead with creativity as we take care of the infrastructure.

CPU vs GPU Rendering

Traditionally, any rendering process was carried out by the Central Processing Unit (CPU).

CPU generally sits at the core of your system which runs all the programs of your workstation. It processes and controls all the information between networks, discs and screens. With GPU into the picture, GPU mostly performs the rendering process now. GPU can render the data very fast for the screen. With the technological advancements, heavy files can be rendered in relatively shorter periods of time.

How Does GPU Render Work?

CPU performs one task at a time as it has single core architecture. GPU carries out parallel processing via thousands of its cores, which results in faster rendering.

As we have seen, CPU and GPU have fundamentally similar way of performing their functions. The only difference is the way it processes its data. The CPU processes its information via serial processing, which means it can perform complex tasks in one block at a given time. The GPU is faster because it emphasizes on parallel processing, which means it can work with lots of data at a given time. GPUs are designed in a way that bit can process instructions from ground up simultaneously across different cores.

Why Use GPU for Rendering?

A typical GPU has more than thousands of cores, which can run hundreds of instructions at a given time. Every instruction can process about 30 blocks of data at a given time. Therefore, in GPU rendering, a single set of instructions is taken which is run across multiple cores. This makes the rendering process much faster than in a traditional CPU set up.

For example: If you’re using any graphics design software or video editing software, the rendering of HD frames will be 4-5 times faster with GPU as compared to rendering on CPU alone. Say if a baseline quality image takes around 15 minutes in CPU rendering, the time would be reduced to around just 3-4 minutes in GPU rendering. This is just to provide an idea how rendering works in GPU.

In the world of VFX and computer graphics, a high-performance GPU is at the core of 3D rendering. Most of the real time users add GPU to their CPU based systems to enhance speed and performance.

If you are using any applications on a Cloud Desktop that has heavy image processing, a GPU enabled desktop would enhance the performance substantially.

What Are the Advantages of Using GPUs From Apps4Rent?

  • Apps4Rent offers GPUs that are powered by Nvidia’s Grid core, the most advanced technology for sharing virtual GPUs, where rendering is done on same GPU while its memory is available in your physical location.
  • In Deep Learning applications, huge computing processes are required for training of complicated neural networks. With the use of GPU rendering, the neural network training time can be reduced drastically.
  • It is specifically designed for image rendering including 2D and 3D, aiding the VFX and animation applications perform at the optimum level.
  • Improves system performance as it helps CPU in solving complex design functions.
  • Along with augmentation in quality of content, speed is one major advantage of GPU rendering. Fast rendering makes it relatively easy for quick iterations which strengthens the quality of final content. From an artistic point of view, it bolsters the creativity as technology creates the least problem (as it reduces painful rendering wait time).
  • The hardware costs shoot up with long rendering processes. With faster rendering, the less hardware resources are consumed resulting in reduced costs. Generally, one GPU rendering can perform tasks of 5-20 high-end CPUs.

More organizations and businesses are opting for GPU accelerated systems as their requirements keep constantly evolving. As said, “the future of desktop processing is parallel” hinting at the widespread commonplace of GPU usage in coming years.

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GPU rendering is way faster than a traditional CPU rendering. Faster rendering is the hallmark of GPU accelerated systems.
In AI assisted rendering, training time for sophisticated neural networks can be reduced significantly with GPU.
In the world of VFX and computer graphics, a high-performance GPU is at the core of 3D rendering.
Apps4Rent offers GPUs that are powered by Nvidia’s Grid core which is the most advanced technology for sharing virtual GPUs.
With GPU accelerated virtual desktops, deliver your projects quickly with better quality and on time.
Render your files with as much as horsepower you require with Apps4Rent’s scalable cloud offerings.
Can you add GPU on your existing Virtual Desktop to improve its performance? Feel free to talk to our experts!