Virtual Desktops with Windows 10 Experience.
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Virtual Desktops with Windows 10 Look and Feel

Apps4Rent, a leading hosted virtual desktop provider, is the first to bring to you virtual desktops with Windows 10 look and feel. With prices starting as low as $24.95/month, and a 15-day money back guarantee, you can try this great technology with little risk.

You can essentially rent our Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) to experience the power and superior features of Windows 10 like virtual desktops. And with our expert team providing technical support on your server-hosted virtual desktops, we let you enjoy uninterrupted access with 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Advanced Features of Windows 10 Virtual Desktops

  • Superior look and feel

    A Windows 10 virtual desktop has superior Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) rendering capacities compared to Windows 8. Packets sent over RDP are optimized and compacted. This improves the graphic performance of your desktop significantly, thus providing a superior look and feel. It further allows the hi-end graphic components to travel even at low-bandwidth connections. So you can avail superior RDP rendering with the same bandwidth that you have been using to run your older WINDOWS 8 version.
  • Support for Virtual Graphics Processing Unit (VGPU)

    Windows 10 has introduced support for VGUP. This was not the case in the earlier versions. With the already enhanced graphic features in Windows 10, VGPU will further improve your experience. Our newer base machines have graphics cards that can be virtualized. If you want to install virtual graphics card on your virtual desktop, we provide you that at a minimal cost.
  • Dockers and containers

    Windows 10 introduces support for dockers and containers for the first time, which was missing in all of the previous versions. In fact, Windows never had support for dockers. As developers, it gives you the flexibility to try out various test runs on different dockers within the same machine.
  • Open Graphics Library (GL)

    In a world where everything is HD and graphics matters a lot, in WINDOWS 10, Microsoft has introduced support for open GL. Another feature that was never there in any of the Windows platforms. Open GL allows you to run and test applications and drivers on Windows 10.
  • Networking Improvement

    Windows 10 virtual desktop has the TCP/IP packet optimization greatly improved. Further, the dependency on offloading features have been reduced. The combined features enable high-performance network data transmission.
  • Security

    Windows defender, which was missing in 2012 version and had a poor version given in 2008; has been drastically improved in Windows 10. Users do not need to buy any virtual anti-virus. Moreover, windows defender enables real time update of virus definitions meaning with windows updates, the virus definitions also update.

Reseller Benefits

Apps4Rent has been a known name in the resellers circle for providing Microsoft suite of products, for a long time. With Windows 10 virtual desktop, we bring to you another product which will be easy to sell. The Windows 10 virtual desktop requires no cosmetic changes. You don’t have to customize the product to cater to your different customers.

For a user installing and logging for the first time, Windows 10 virtual desktop doesn’t even feel like a server version. This is an advantage considering as a reseller, Microsoft SPLA restricts you from selling client versions.

Moreover, with our 24×7 expert technical support team, you can monetize your leads while leaving to us the difficult part of after–sales support to your customers. Don’t take the pain of managing system admin work. That’s our forte. Focus on deepening your relationships with customers by providing support through us.

To know more about how our reseller program works, check out our Reseller Program for Hosted Software Solutions Page.

Our Pricing

What separates Apps4Rent from other hosting service providers is our price point. We offer you the lowest rate in the market. Windows 10 virtual desktop is available for $24.95/month. If you opt for a plan where multiple users have access to the same machine, you can buy Terminal Server CALs at $15/user/month. For all our annual plans, we provide you an additional discount of 10%.

Take a 30-day risk-free trial of Windows 10 virtual desktop now!