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Corporate Training Company Meets Short-Term Demand with Apps4Rent Virtual Desktops

A Connecticut based corporate training company approached Apps4Rent for a virtual desktop requirement. For a 2-day training session, they wanted all participants to have an isolated learning environment. Apps4Rent provided them with a virtual machine and also created 25 clones (total number of training participants) for the company. Apps4Rent managed the VDI for the duration of the program, which went uninterrupted.

The Case

A Connecticut based corporate training company decided to ditch the traditional classroom training model where each participant is given a physical box. They didn’t want any technical interruptions resulting from participants trying to configure their individual physical desktops, troubleshooting problems that may disrupt the training session. Moreover, since they required customized applications and software installed to create a demo, with physical boxes given to each participant, myriad issues such as browser incompatibility or programs not set up properly would have stopped them from conducting the training smoothly. A virtual desktop environment seemed the best solution to that end.

For the 2-day training session, they approached Apps4Rent for a Virtual Desktop requirement. The training required them to have every participant their own isolated environment. This means doing a shared SQL or desktop was not an option. They would then have Apps4Rent make as many clones (25 in this case) as required depending on number of participants. Apps4Rent delivered the same and managed the VDI for the duration of the program that went uninterrupted.

“We found Apps4Rent’s virtual desktop solutions very affordable. They have the best engineers working, they are as good as any other expensive vendors that we have worked with, in the past. This kind of an arrangement, where one can get the best of services at reasonable prices, suits small businesses like ours.

— Business Head, Operations

How Apps4Rent Delivered the VDI And Managed The Training Event

Apps4Rent offered the customer a single Dedicated Virtual Desktop per user so they can have their own isolated machine. Once the customer signed up for one machine, they installed all the apps and sent us the spreadsheet with details of the other desktops. We started creating the clones from the image, and in the next 7 hours all the 25 virtual desktops were set-up.

We started by making 1 clone to test the environment. One of the challenges that cropped up was that post initialization, it started making a bunch of SQL calls that were timing out. It took a while before it could come back live. On investigating, we found that the initialization of the clone resulted in a spike in the CPU load. This was causing the problem. We fixed that issue and in our lab environment, tested all the other applications that the client had installed on his VDI. We further ensured that there were no bandwidth issues such as slow loading of images etc.

Finally, all the 25 clones were created and the customer could use these in their 2 days training, without interruptions. Apps4Rent monitored 24×7 the VDIs for the duration of the program. Our support team was at the customer’s beck and call all these while and coordinated with their technical team for any assistance they needed.

Today, this customer has registered us as a cloud partner for all their training sessions.

Apps4Rent is a hands-on cloud hosting company. We liked the flexibility they provide and the fact that they have customized plans suiting our kind of ad hoc training events, really helped. Good guys, they are responsive and affordable

— Business Head, Operations