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Integrating Bring Your Own Device using Virtual Desktops

Bring your own Device (BYOD) trend is on the upswing in organizations, thanks to a variety of tablets, smartphones, laptops, and thin client devices that are being used by employees for personal and business use. People are now empowered to work from anywhere at any time using the device of their own choice. Going with the trend, businesses are trying to make BYOD more effective in the work place while preserving corporate security and compliance. Apps4Rent’s Windows Server 2012 based virtual desktop solutions offers many features that make BYOD a win-win situation for both employees and employers.
Our new Windows Server 2012 based virtual desktop delivers flexible and mobile access to data and applications from anywhere via any popular devices, while preserving the security and compliance.

Hosted Virtual Desktops Help in BYOD Adoption

  • Secured and Controlled Access to Data:

  • Windows Server 2012 based virtual desktop offers controlled access to data. All thanks to its new Dynamic Access Control (DAC) feature. This feature helps administrators to create a more centralized security model for accessing files and folders. It is a crucial component of Active Directory 8. Moreover, it automates the tagging of sensitive data. Dynamic Access Control allows you to build policies in order to control file access which are applied across the entire domain to all file servers. Moreover, audit policies can also be applied across all the servers, which work in tandem with the file tags and with device and user claims.
  • Enhanced Productivity:

  • The new Windows Server 2012 based virtual desktop offers a highly improved and user-friendly virtual environment to its users. Better usability means better productivity and heavy cash inflow.
  • Reduced IT cost:

  • With more people following ‘bring your own device’ strategy, imagine how much money you save on your IT hardware. Moreover, virtual desktop removes the need for an in-house server and the associated support and software. Yes! BYOD and Apps4Rent’s virtual desktop together offers a cost-effective solution.
  • Centralized Management and Administration:

  • Apps4Rent’s virtual desktop delivers desktops from data center to any mobile device. This means all devices can basically be managed from one central location, which offers easier administration and deployment and a more efficient way to implement compliance for all users. It also provides the end users better capability to connect to their virtual desktops from any device whenever they want.


Bring Your Own Device and Interface with Hosted Virtual Desktops

  • Rich Anywhere Anytime Access:

  • Apps4Rent’s Windows Server 2012 based virtual desktop solutions offers a high-fidelity Windows experience to its users virtually from anywhere using any popular device. It offers a personalized and rich user experience.
  • Accessibility to local USB Devices:

  • RemoteFX USB redirection allows you to connect USB devices to your client device regardless of the VDI deployment model in place. You can connect to a wide variety of USB devices, such as scanners, webcams, printers, scanners, voice over IP headsets, and more. You can plug in these devices locally and make it available in remote desktop sessions and virtual desktops.
  • Touch-enabled User Experience:

  • Windows Server 2012 offers a rich touch-enabled and gesture-enabled user experience. This feature was built keeping in mind the BYOD users. A great feature especially for tablet and smartphone users. This isn’t it! Being a leader in hosted applications that support mobile and flexible work solutions, Apps4Rent knows what it requires to deliver effective BYOD program. We, through our virtual desktop solutions, are already helping many businesses of all sizes realize the full potential and benefits of adhering to BYOD strategy. Sign up with us and ease BYOD policies into your organization.