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SharePoint 2019 vs SharePoint 2016 vs SharePoint Online. What’s the difference?

The latest version of SharePoint – Microsoft SharePoint 2019 – has been released. There are bound to be comparisons with previous versions of SharePoint, specifically 2016 version and SharePoint Online. Here we bring you a table of comparison that differentiates between SharePoint 2019, SharePoint 2016, and SharePoint Online. Get the best version of SharePoint based on your requirement

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Comparison of SharePoint versions

SharePoint 2019 SharePoint 2016 SharePoint Online
Storing files in document libraries   15 GB 10 GB  NA 
Maximum file path limit  400 characters  260 characters  260 characters 
Send Email with Access Services 2013 Yes  NA NA 
Mobile Connectivity  Yes  Yes  Yes
Additional documentation links for Central Administration site
It is now easier for farm administrators to reach the latest SharePoint administration documentation and find the latest Public Updates by adding links in the SharePoint Central Administration homepage 
Yes  No No 
Access Services 2010  Deprecated Yes  Yes
Access Services 2013 Deprecated Yes  Yes
Communication Sites  Yes  No No 
Fast Site creation
It helps the creation of new sites in a few seconds with specific templates
Yes  No No 
Modern list and sites in Team Sites 
SharePoint Server 2019 contains the modern experiences for lists and libraries in Team sites
Yes  No No 
Simplified sharing user interface
Warnings provided in case of sharing to a large group or sharing a large number of items
Yes  NA NA 
Modern Site Pages 
Add modern site pages and modern web parts on team sites
Yes  NA NA 
Modern Team Sites 
Team collaboration gets fresh and responsive user experience
Yes  NA NA 
Modern UI experience for SharePoint Homepage
The redesigned homepage improves the discoverability of the most common collaboration tasks while putting your team’s news front and center
Yes  NA NA 
SMTP authentication support
While sending emails, SharePoint 2019 supports authentication of SMTP servers 
Yes  No No 
Sync files with OneDrive sync client
The new OneDrive sync client (NGSC – Next Generation Sync Client) instead of Groove.exe to sync files
Yes  No No 
Compliance feature – eDiscovery  Yes  Yes  Yes
Service Application form Yes  Yes  No 
Windows Powershell Support  Yes  Yes  Yes
Distributed Cache
Distributed Cache in SharePoint 2019 configures AppFabric Velocity Cache to use background garbage collection 
Yes  Yes  No 
Hybrid Improvements Yes  No No 
Telemetry privacy experience Yes  No No 
App Catalog (SharePoint) No Yes  Deprecated
Content Search Web Part Yes  Yes  Yes
Hybrid Search Yes  Yes  Yes
Managed Navigation  Yes  Yes  Yes
InfoPath Services Deprecated Yes  Yes
SharePoint Designer Deprecated Yes  Yes
Personal Site Yes  Yes  No