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It is that time of the year again! We are speculating about the new QuickBooks release. Going by the history, Intuit announces new QuickBooks version every year in middle of September. However, 2020 is not the regular year because of the COVID pandemic. Many people are speculating that QuickBooks 2021 release date might be postponed this year, or if Intuit wants, can release the QuickBooks 2021 version remotely without much fanfare.

Apps4Rent tried to collate early information on possible QuickBooks 2021 release with new update in features or deprecation of old ones. Though it is all speculation at this point, here is what we can expect from QuickBooks 2021.

QuickBooks 2021: Changes in the reports interface

Though we expect a wholesome change in QuickBooks interface this year, but the interface could tilt towards being like its cloud-based version QuickBooks Online. The tiny and user-intuitive report improvements such adding “has attachment” field to transactions, two separate account filters – Source and Split, and comprehensive time sheets report.

Some more data in the windows where multiple items are listed: Account Type, Customer Type, Item Type. This will help provide more context.

Announcements related to Windows 7 upgrade

Windows 7 Support ended this year too. QuickBooks became the software that it is today because of its easy and solid integration with Windows 7. Intuit may release an announcement to upgrade Windows 7, so that the latest QuickBooks versions may run seamlessly. In coming days, we may see a lot of announcements from Intuit regarding Windows 7 and QuickBooks. Since a significant number of QuickBooks customers are on Windows 7, Intuit is informing its users on upgrading Windows 7 time and again. We have already seen Intuit putting topics on the website ‘Intuit Windows 7 Support ends. What can be done next?’ It is also speculated that QuickBooks 2021 maybe the first version which will not work on Windows 7.

Inventory features updates

Though a lot of new features were updated in the previous versions, we speculate that inventory management features might get a special overhaul in QuickBooks 2021 release. The new comprehensive reports are required for aging of items, inventory stock status by lot number, inventory turnover days by specific item lists, commissioning reports by rep can be expected to become more polished and detailed in the QuickBooks 2021 version.

Transaction with templates

Showing a preferred vendor in the dropdown was a nice addition in the previous release. With the new version, more options can be added to all the sales forms including Estimates, Sales Orders, Invoices, and Sales Receipts. Particularly, on Estimates and Sales Orders, the modified Preferred Vendor can also be used for creating the Purchase Order from Estimates/Sales orders.

More demanded features in the pipeline

There were so many features which are being demanded by heavy QuickBooks users, and Intuit is constantly working on the customer feedback to make the software more user-friendly and convenient. There are a wide variety of features/options in advanced inventory, mobile warehouse, bank feeds and check register screen, writing checks, batch enter transactions, accountant tools, reconciliation screen, and deposit screens that can get a makeover or deprecation.

Until the release date is announced, all we can do is make a lot of speculation about what’s new in QuickBooks 2021. As per Intuit’s history, the release date for QuickBooks 2021 is expected to be in the mid of September. Apps4Rent will present the QuickBooks 2021 vs QuickBooks 2020 once it is released. Keep watching this space for more information.

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