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What is session-based QuickBooks hosting?

Session-based hosting is different than dedicated hosting in the way it is hosted on a server. In dedicated hosting, a virtual machine is essentially a PC hosted in the Cloud, and one can install the applications one wants including QuickBooks. In session-based hosting, the computing resources are optimized to run QuickBooks and a few essential applications such as Office. When a session ends, it frees up for the next session the resources used for operating system, memory, and CPU. Therefore, each session gets the maximum usage out of available resources, delivering better performance than dedicated machines of comparable price.

When should I opt for QuickBooks session-based plans?

If your primary intention is to use only QuickBooks and Office software in the Cloud, you are better off with a QuickBooks centric session-based plan. Your users can access QuickBooks application and data from anywhere, while getting great performance for a reasonable price. Apps4Rent’s plan comes with sufficient data storage (5GB) on fast responding SSD drives. You can have multiple users in your account, and use the QuickBooks licenses you have purchased.

Features Session Based

Save 18% on 24-month payment
Save 10% on annual payment

Money-back guarantee 15 days
Setup No fee
Number of users 1
SSD disk space 1 5 GB
RAM Grid-powered
vCPU Grid-powered
Office 365 suite $13/month/user
Standalone MS Excel $8/month/user
Daily backup yes
Drag and drop file transfer yes
Firewall yes
Access through remote desktop and browser yes
Access with PC, Mac, Chromebooks, Linux, Android, iOS Devices yes
Works on tablets/smartphones yes
Date/time defined access yes
Encrypted data transfer yes
SSAE-16 Type II certified data centers yes
Password-protected idling yes
File type blocking yes
User-level app access yes
Print locally yes
Access local drives yes
Multi-monitor support yes
Multi-platform access yes
Auto display users local time yes
Free migration assistance yes

Save 18% on 24-month payment
Save 10% on annual payment

1. Additional space @ $1/GB/month.

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