Intranet hosting using Microsoft SharePoint is the right intranet software solution for your organization if you are facing the problems described below.

Are you searching for a better way to manage your company projects and documents? Are your employees struggling to keep up with company policy and procedural changes or changes to documents by other employees?

Do they have problems with the management of projects and workload, problems managing, sharing, and collaborating on projects, or sharing information and data with other employees?

SharePoint Silver SharePoint Silver

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  • Unlimited Users*
  • Project Collaboration
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SharePoint Gold SharePoint Gold

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SPS Standard Shared BronzeSPS Standard Shared Bronze

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SharePoint PlatinumSPS Enterprise Shared Bronze

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This is probably due to a lack of a centralized place from where employees can retrieve the latest information and data about projects, policies, procedures and documents. What they need is an easy method to collaborate and share information. The solution to these issues is intranet hosting using SharePoint. Apps4Rent offers SharePoint intranet hosting with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007), Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), SharePoint Foundation 2010, and SharePoint Server 2010 to match client budget and feature needs. See MOSS vs WSS and Foundation vs Server 2010 for comparison of extranet software features.

SharePoint can be used as intranet software. It enables an organization to create and host an Intranet website, with a centralized location for company policy documents, project information and data. Using SharePoint for intranet hosting ensures that all employees can access the changes in policies and procedures and project work changes. SharePoint intranet software enables them to collaborate on a project, track changes to documents, and access the latest information and data.

An intranet, unlike the internet, is a secure, private, internal company website. It provides storage for data and info – an invaluable prospect for constantly growing companies. However, an intranet software also allows:

  • Crucial and critical information
  • The sharing of ideas
  • Faster communication and accessing of documents
  • Managing group meetings
  • Managing schedules
  • Various collaboration methods and tools

All of the above can be neatly shared within a company’s intranet. Employees in a company using the SharePoint intranet website have private logins, shared workspaces and can manage their accounts.

An intranet website installed and configured properly with the right intranet software like SharePoint becomes a central data and repository for crucial company, departmental, project, or remote office information. The company intranet is hosted, configured, and maintained on a company’s servers and all company employees can access the information securely.

A company always looks for benefits. Intranet hosting of a company website with SharePoint intranet software – besides being low cost with excellent ROI – is also easy to manage and does not require employees to learn new technology or spend time learning to use new tools.

Features and benefits of using SharePoint for intranet hosting are:

  • Allows easy designing, deploying, and managing of corporate internet websites.
  • SharePoint intranet software integrates very well with Microsoft Office applications.
  • SharePoint intranet software components make it easy to connect employees across the company, sharing skills, experience and knowledge.
  • Share information and work in teams, manage workflow to avoid process variations, calendar sharing, notifications and alerts to team members for better coordination, Outlook integration and instant messaging.
  • Intranet software allows private logins for employees to securely manage access to the company intranet.
  • Conduct meetings online and organize files, discussions and attendees easily.

Companies that need greater control, customization, or features, can purchase dedicated SharePoint hosting on virtual dedicated server with WSS or MOSS 2007 hosting.

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