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Online Project Management

Online project management software is key to any business these days. Projects are often spread over multiple locations and require real-time communication and collaboration. This is where Microsoft Project Server 2010 plays the vital role. MS Project Server is an effective web-based project management tool that allows organizations to effectively prioritize projects from various dimensions, viz., financial value, strategic value, and peril. It enables a collaborative web-based project and portfolio management system.

The following are few desirable features in online project management software.

Managing Resources in Online Project Management Software

Online project management software is expected to manage all the resources—money, people, time and talents—effectively through a web-based interface. Project Server helps businesses choose portfolios that suit their business strategies by offering methods to prioritize rival requests, operate optimization scenarios in changeable budgetary limitations and exploit resource deployment across the scheduling sphere. Project Server 2010 provides insight into general reserve requirement and accessibility across the scheduling sphere in a web-based project management interface. It reorganizes projects within the perspective to capitalize on resource consumption while sticking on to agenda dependencies.

Documents in Web-based Project Management

Document management or data management is vital to any business. It is a desirable feature in online project management software. MS Project Server 2010 enables appropriate data review and standardized information collection in a web-based project management interface. These tools help in collection of project data, cost approximation, resource approximation, strategic alignment assessments and presents it in an insightful dashboard.

Powerful Dashboard for Online Project Management Tools

A dashboard is a focal point where one can see all the data and insights related to ones project or task. Thus, it is very important to have an intuitive dashboard in any online project management software. Microsoft Project Server is built on SharePoint Server 2010 that enables it to easily create reports on the Business Intelligence connector which allows its users to visualize their performance reports on a powerful dashboard which is part of the web based project management interface.

Flexibility in Web-based Project Management Tools

Being flexible means being successful in the long run. It’s hard to be flexible when each team associate isn’t certain what’s going on, which in turn make the project suffer. Microsoft Project Server 2010 combines the collaboration platform of SharePoint Server 2010 and planned implementation capabilities to offer flexible work management results. The online project management tools helps attain flexibility by allowing the users to control scheduling, i.e. users can physically program tasks with the data they have handy or automatically program tasks to have project gauge durations and dates.

Ensuring Accountability with Project Management Online

The best-of-the-breed online project management tools include features for tracking monetary and individual accountability. Microsoft Project Server with its web based project management tools allows the development of deploy effectual control workflows to administer project resources all through the project lifecycle and drive accountability and control.