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Migrating to Office 365

Migrating to the cloud-based Office 365 involves quite a bit of complex planning as well as execution; it is natural for you to have concerns or doubts about the entire process. Let us take a quick look and understand how Apps4Rent, a leading Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner, smoothly handles the migration and eliminates disruptive issues and downtime for you – free of cost!

We Follow Well Defined Processes that Result in Successful Migrations

We clearly define all the roles and responsibilities of everyone that will be actively involved in the migration. We put a lot of thought in to planning the migration, which includes but is not limited to network assessment and account synchronization. The users are mapped to their devices like Desktops, Macs, servers, tablets and smartphones and their access to Office gets predetermined for a smooth transition. This also helps identify unsuitable customizations or data that could potentially slow down the process. Our processes include test migration of representative users to help identify obstacles and provide for resolution time. Such hands-on measures help us adhere to a clearly defined schedule for complete migration.

Your Email Continues to Work During the Migration

Office 365 comes with Exchange Server whose mailbox acts as an Active Directory attribute, with its data being stored on a mailbox server. Hence, migrating an Office 365 user account results in migrating the user’s mailbox as well; accordingly, user migrations are handled as mailbox migrations. Office 365 supports both IMAP migration as well as on-premises Exchange migration. With our knowledge and skills as a Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner, we ensure that there is no loss of archived email; we also assure zero downtime of your email services during the migration to cloud.

Identity and Authentication

Office 365 offers two options for identity and authentication management – Azure AD Connect (AAD Connect) and Active Directory Federation Services. AAD Connect synchronizes user accounts from on-premises Active Directory to enable access to Office 365. Active Directory Federation Services enable users to authenticate using their own, on-premises Active Directory. We analyze and advise on the authentication option that is best suited for you.

Domain Names

Domain names of the organization is one of the most important considerations in the transition from desktop Office to Office 365. The decision to maintain the Active Directory on-premises or go for identity federation will affect the domain name differently, as your email Exchange, SharePoint, and Lync (Skype for Business) are dependent on Active Directory. In this regard, we analyze, recommend, and help you with the right choice of going in for partial or no re-delegation of domains.

Different Migration Paths

There are four different ways in which Office 365 migration can be done: hybrid migration, staged migration, cutover migration, and third-party migration. While Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner we are equally capable of handling all four options, for small businesses we suggest cutover migration. The entire data of all existing users is copied to Office 365 and gets pointed to Office 365 at the same time; it also works well for migrating from a different hosting platform onto Microsoft Office 365.

Instilling Confidence

We act as your expert IT partner while doing the migration, onboarding, and deployment. We maintain clear and regular communication to keep you informed of every stage of the transition and progress being made. We also constantly monitor and manage your important information during the migration and deployment. Our objective is to make your transition to Office 365 stable, predictable, and comfortable to use.

Post the Migration

Our end-to-end services as a Tier-1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner do not stop at migration as we extend our assistance to ensure maximum user comfort and productivity with Office 365. As Office 365 is a constantly evolving service, we support you to enable and enjoy the new features and apps as Microsoft makes them available. We also offer flexible mix-and-match plans as well as a wide range of additional/stand-alone services that enhance the business productivity of your Office 365.

Ongoing Free Support

We have a dedicated team of Office 365 experts who will continue to be available to you and offer free 24 x 7 x 365 end-user support. Our support is based on personal and real-time responses – not scripted questions and answers. You can reach out to us through calls, emails, and live chat at any time of the day or night to get even your smallest issue resolved.

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