Email Spam Firewall Features

Some of the biggest threats in the e-mail world are the spams and phishing mails which you receive. Besides being threats; managing them takes away your precious time and reduces your overall productivity. Our multi-layered advanced anti-spam/anti-virus spam firewall system is here to save your time and protect you from threats. Apps4Rent’s enterprise grade advanced Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus spam firewall is included free of charge with all hosted exchange mailboxes.


The multi layer Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus spam firewall system prevents your mailbox from getting cluttered with spams; viruses; phishing scams and other destructive elements which might get delivered to your mailbox.

Our entire cluster is encapsulated and protected by various multi-layered security measures. Every e-mail/data has to go through our state-of-the-art; multi layered Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus spam firewall before entering the cluster. Mails which are detected as a spam or a virus are quarantined for specific mailboxes. You can recover those mails by logging into the Spam Management Interface. All these features and benefits come to you at no additional charge. All our Hosted Exchange mailboxes are covered and protected with our anti-spam/anti-virus spam firewall system.

Email Spam Firewall Features
Multi-layer Protection yes
Separate Anti-Virus Protection yes
Immediate Activation yes
Included with all Hosted Exchange Mailboxes yes
Real-time Synchronization with Spam Traps yes
Web-based Advanced Administrative Control Panel yes
E-mail Content and Attachment Filtering yes
Prevention from Phishing Scams yes
State-of-Art-Quarantine Management Interface yes
Email Attack Protection yes
24/7 Monitoring yes
User-defined Sensitivity yes
Redundant System for Failover yes
User-level Whitelist and Blacklist yes
Export Existing Whitelist and Blacklist yes
User-based Interface for Advanced Personalization yes
Global Options for Overall Control on Spam yes
Delivery Manager yes
Disaster Recovery yes
Enhanced Log Search yes
Filter Wizard for Beginners (Template Based) yes
3rd party DNS Blacklists (DNSBL) Checking yes
Aggregation of Different Spam Filtering Technology yes

Benefits of Anti-Spam /Anti-Virus Spam Firewall System

  • All e-mails go through multi-layered checks to verify its authenticity.
  • Signature-based anti-virus Engines.
  • Spam firewall protection starts at the periphery of the cluster that stops viruses and other threats before they enter your mailbox.
  • Safe, external worm and antivirus scanning, and advanced quarantine management.
  • Database for anti-virus and anti-spam updated in real-time.

Besides the multi layered spam firewall protection, there are additional layers which scans the e-mails for threats and viruses. The aggregation method is combined with the most effective anti-virus/anti spam technology currently available provides you unbeatable protection from spams and viruses.

While many of our competitors anti-spam mechanisms depends on synchronizing their anti-spam servers and spam traps manually several times in a day. Our anti-spam mechanism synchronizes with the spam traps around the world in run time. All latest threats are detected and controlled faster than others.

Our Anti-Spam/Anti-Virus spam firewall filters scan the attachments for any threats and block them before they reach your mailbox. The anti-virus scan uses its deep scan technology to detect threats which are sent within attachments. They can later be reviewed from Quarantine section and then you can decide if to have it delivered to your mailbox.

In today’s age and time we have come across many situations where innocent customers are duped into filling out important details into a form. Our advanced multi-layered anti-spam/anti-virus spam firewall blocks such scam e-mails and prevents them from reaching your inbox.

Our Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus spam firewall filtering engines work at a highly micro level. Users can use Filter wizard templates or customize filter settings and import/export whitelist / blacklist.

Every user has the flexibility to review and check quarantined e-mails; and deliver them to inbox.
Administrator has access to spam firewall settings of the users and can modify the settings for individual users.

Administrator can set domain level policy setting rather than setting policies for individual users; this feature is highly effective in managing spam across users in a very short span of time.

Users can have their own Blacklist/ Whitelist. This micro-level management allows users to fine tune the spam firewall settings. At the same time, our flexible interface allows administrators to set a domain level whitelisting and blacklisting. Administrators also have access to the individual blacklist/whitelist of users. These micro level and macro level adjustments will allow users to fine tune the system and get the maximum benefit out of it.

Users can access quarantined e-mails and deliver them to the mailboxes. Delivering quarantined mails to your inbox is a short term fix. Administrators have access to users quarantine also, just like your existing typical in-house solution. Apps4Rent encourages long term solution and administrators can achieve a long term solution by analyzing the quarantined mails and can decide on Global Policies and so on.

Our redundant system for failover ensures that in rare case if the primary server goes down then the mails are filtered through the secondary server using the same technology as the primary server.

Apps4Rent’s transition manager lead us through every step in the migration. Legal compliance and eDiscovery features in Office 365 were important to us. Apps4Rent team did not rest till all emails and public folders were migrated, and compliance configurations done.– Bill, Partner, Law Firm, Ohio
Apps4Rent is the most efficient vendor one can get in the market. They do their homework well and are very detailed and meticulous in their approach. They know the intricacies of Azure so well that throughout the migration process they had very little dependency on our internal IT team. Once the migration was complete, we haven’t looked back at it and have been operating without any disruptions, whatsoever!– Jeremy, Head, IT Services, Connecticut

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