Access your Windows music software and
business applications from anywhere.

Your Music Software on a Cloud Desktop

musicIf you are a serious musician or someone who pursues music as a hobby, chances are that you depend a lot on your desktop or laptop. Your favorite music software and other important applications are installed on your desktop. For example, you could have your favorite music notation software or a GarageBand alternative for Windows for music production. You are now used to your personalized Windows settings and operate your software with practiced ease. You have been using it for years this way and have a certain comfort for which you may not want to move away from it.

You don’t want to lose your data or functionality if a hard disk crashes or if you upgrade to a more powerful computer. If you are a touring musician, you may also need to access your personalized desktop from remote locations.

Why not transfer your desktop on the cloud? With regular backups, your data and Windows desktop settings are retained. So, you will never face the consequences of losing your personalized Windows desktop. You get the same performance on your virtual PC as that of your physical desktop. . And when you need more power, the upgrade can happen easily. Virtual desktops can work with MIDI interfaces as well as USB devices. As a music lover, your virtual desktop can be more useful than your physical one.

Load all your music software and music files onto a Windows Cloud Desktop and then access it from anywhere with any device. Upgrade easily for more power without needing to migrate. Never lose any data with our regular backups.