Use Hyper-V virtual servers for higher performance.
A VPS may suffice for less demanding tasks.

Virtuozzo vs Hyper-V Comparison

Virtuozzo VPS or Hyper- V VPS? Confused on which one to choose for a better virtualized work environment? A quick comparison of both these mighty virtualization solutions may help you decide to choose your perfect fit. The striking feature that clearly distinguishes Microsoft’s Hyper-V and Parallels’ Virtuozzo VPS from each other is that in the former, virtualization happens at the hardware or server level and in the later, virtualization takes places at the operating system (OS) level. If Hyper-V gives greater control over your configurations, software settings, and OS; Virtuozzo VPS offers you with better cost-effective use of resources.

Why choose Hyper-V VPS?

Control and Flexibility of a Dedicated Server

Hyper V VPS offers you full control over your configurations, software settings, and the core of your OS. As a result, Hyper-V virtualization gets you with virtual servers as close as to a dedicated server. Nevertheless, with Hyper-V servers, the resources are utilized to stock all features of the core OS.

Works Flawlessly with Window Server Products

Hyper-V VPS operates impeccably with Windows Server products, which means security, patches and updates are taken care of thoroughly without any conflicts between hypervisor and server programming. Moreover, you can create various instances of Windows servers. This stands as a huge advantage for web developers who can, thus, test apps and programs in various different OS environments.

Live migrations

Hyper-V enables live migrations of machines without any downtime. You can continually monitor the network and if there is over use of any node then it spontaneously transfers the machine from the back end.

Quick Software Installations

Being virtualized on the server or the hardware level, software installations happens perfectly with Hyper-V server. Moreover, you will not be faced with any software compatibility issues.

Good Choice for Business Class Web Development

Hyper-V VDS technology is well-known for being upgradable and scalable, offering brilliant uptime to its users. By the nature of hypervisor technology, you can pick to run any OS you wish at a local level, being confident that it will not interfere with other OS that are stored on the server. With greater control over the OS, Hyper-V offers a perfect virtualized environment for business class web development. Dedicated operating systems enables installations of any type of core OS easy. Moreover, it offers the effectiveness of a dedicated environment at a fraction of cost.

Why choose Virtuozzo VPS?

Compatible with Linux and Windows OS

Virtuozzo works fine with both Linux and Windows OS. This means that you can enjoy working with both Linux and Windows OS that too at reasonable prices.


Virtuozzo VPS is intended for those who have outgrown the limitations of shared Hosting and do not need the resource intensive capabilities of a Hypervisor VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) or a dedicated server. Virtuozzo VPS offers the right balance of cost effectiveness with control, flexibility, and performance!

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Virtuozzo comes in-built with an online graphical user interface which allows you to manage your virtual servers online from any web browsers.

Greater Control over your VPS Container

Virtuozzo VPS offers powerful control over your VPS container via any web connections and browsers. It connects through web browsers via embedded secure shell (SSH).

Both Virtuozzo VPS and Hyper-V allows you to have a “remote” slice of the server; one by not interfering with other users sharing the similar physical space, and one by acting as if it were alone. Eventually, which one to choose comes down to your needs. Whether you are looking for commercial flexibility from Virtuozzo, or managed stability from Hyper-V, that’s what you have to zero down before taking your pick. Nevertheless, Apps4Rent offers both Hyper-V and Virtuozzo VPS hosting solutions to its clients around the world. Whichever VPS you choose, we guarantee a powerful and a robust performance from our virtual private servers. To know more, contact us via chat, e-mail, or phone. We are available to our customers 24/7.