Hyper-V servers come with great flexibility.
Quickly upgrade memory, vCPUs, and storage.

Virtual Server Control Panel

Overall Information of Your Account

Right after you login, you see a master list of all products and services for your account. The page also shows the status of all your different accounts as Active, Pending, Suspended, or Terminated by using color shades. Details of your Account Statistics are displayed as well. If you are a reseller, you will see the number of referred signups too.

Granular Details on Specific Services

You can view details like first payment made, the recurring payment, and the date of the next payment due for your specific products. You would also be able to see the details of your account Add ons, including the pricing and the next payment due date.

Upgrade Your Account

From this page, you can make changes to your account. You can choose to upgrade your Hard Disk, Virtual CPU, and RAM for your Virtual Servers. You will also be able to make the payment online for your chosen upgrades.

Monitor your servers

Get a Dashboard View – 1

You can view the details of Manageability, Events, Services, Performance, and BPA results for all your local server as well as all servers.

Get a Dashboard View – 2

You can view the details of Manageability, Events, Performance, and BPA results for all your file and storage devices.

Get Specific Details

You get a comprehensive view of your servers including events, services, best practices analyzer, performance, and roles & features.

Manage your servers

Extensive Features & Tools

Our control panel offers you a host of features and tools to monitor, track, maintain, and manage all your servers independently.

While we are always available to you 24 x 7, our control panel is aimed at giving you a level of access that puts the functions and controls of your server infrastructure at your fingertips.

Control Panel – Manage It All Yourself

Our self-service control panel is designed from the ground up keeping two things utmost in the mind – saving your time and making it most convenient. All it takes is just a few clicks for you to configure, add, and manage your products and services hosted with us.

Configure Your Server

You can configure your server by adding roles and features, adding others servers, and creating a server group.

Remote Multi-Server management

Our self-service control panel is a single point for you to remotely manage all your servers, either singly or in groups. You can add remote server and create server groups.

Along with getting the current status on your servers and their roles, you can also perform tasks across servers simultaneously. Our control panel enables you deploy roles and features remotely as well.

File & Storage Services Management

You can view the details of your disks and storage pools volumes, including status, provisioning (fixed/variable), capacity, free space, percent used and more.

Learn & do more

Learn More

From within the Control Panel, you get access to a lot of resources including applications for Windows Server and the latest knowledge base.

Do Maintenance + Mind New Solutions

You can save valuable disk space by removing unused roles and feature files. Besides, you can also find new applications for your Windows server and benefit from providing feedback to the Windows Server.