Hyper-V servers starting at $25/month deliver
high performance, scalability, and flexibility.

Hyper-V Server Hosting

Are you frustrated by the limitations of shared hosting? Or do you find that dedicated servers are too expensive and inflexible? Don’t despair. Hyper-V hosting on virtual dedicated server offers the best of both worlds and more – affordable pricing with the capabilities of a dedicated server, the flexibility to quickly add RAM or storage space to match the increasing demands on your server, and a greener technology that uses less power and space. Sign up for for our Hyper-V server hosting plans starting at $24.95/month.
With Apps4Rent’s Windows Hyper-V hosting, you get a stable virtualization platform from Microsoft, and support from a leading application hosting provider of Microsoft software. So what are you waiting for?

Get a Hyper-V hosting plan from Apps4Rent with a choice of Windows or Linux operating system included in the price. Then let us know the business application or software that you desire on your Hyper-V server, and our staff can help you with its pricing and installation.

Each Apps4Rent virtual dedicated server performs and behaves exactly like a stand-alone server for both users and applications. You get root access to manage the virtual server, can associate IPs, and install software of your choice. A Windows Hyper-V hosting solution enables us to run multiple operating systems on a single physical server as virtual machines (VMs). Why is this beneficial? Deploying multiple isolated virtual machines instead of physical servers means a lower total cost of ownership for you and a lower carbon footprint on the environment. Additionally, Hyper-V hosting can help you optimize asset utilization and balance workloads across different resources. If you intend to use a version of Windows server operating system on a virtual server, you also save the cost of server OS licensing with Windows Hyper-V server in comparison to a competing virtual server platform.

How does Hyper-V work?


Hyper-V is a thin layer of software between the bare metal hardware and the Operating System (OS) that allows multiple instances of an OS to run (virtual machines), unmodified, on a single physical server at the same time. Windows Hyper-V virtual machines are scalable, reliable and highly available and can be managed from a central management interface known as System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM). A key feature of Hyper-V hosting is the virtualization of multiple operating systems, including Windows and Linux, on the same server, allowing users to consolidate systems into a single environment without losing control, security or performance. This is a true hypervisor-based platform. Hyper-V architecture features also include large memory support and provide backup/restore, system snapshots and easy transition of virtual servers from one physical server to another.

Run functions for cloud hosting or perform traditional roles for servers within LAN/WAN environments. Choose from flexible plans that meets your RAM and disk space requirements.


Benefit from unique features of Virtual Server, like taking snapshots while making changes and replacing it if you don’t like the outcome