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Sales Force Automation

The mission of every sales manager is to maximize the amount of time the sales team devotes to active selling. Increasing the efficiency of the sales force results in more leads, better opportunities and eventually amazing sales.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a cost-effective tool that is ideal for organizations of all sizes. Automating sales’ repetitive tasks, creating unified processes and capturing key customer data saves time and money.


  • Powerful Features. Familiar Microsoft Interface. Low Monthly Price.
  • Modules included: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Offline Sync.
  • Access through Web, Outlook and Mobile Devices.
  • Integrates with Apps4Rent’s Exchange and Sharepoint hosting.
  • 10,000+ Microsoft Application Hosting customers worldwide.

Online Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrates with Microsoft Office

One of the most important features of hosted Dynamics CRM software is that it integrates with the Microsoft Office family of software programs. As a result, the sales department will spend less time on training and more time generating revenue. The seamless integration between these Microsoft products also eases and facilitates team collaboration and communication which are key to an online sales force automation system. Personnel who are already comfortable with Microsoft Office will find Microsoft Dynamics CRM a natural fit.

The Future of Sales Automation Software is Now

Sales Force Automation software saves time by establishing a common repository of all customer accounts, related contacts, business opportunities, and other important details, hosted in the cloud safely away from your location and backed up daily. Productivity will no longer be compromised searching for an account’s folder filled with random illegible notes. Nor will management lose sleep worrying about a top producer leaving and taking all that’s stored in his/her head with them. Establishing workflows, monitoring the sales pipeline and analytics that improve decision making are all within a click’s reach. And with real-time access from any web-enabled device, your sales people will always be prepared. Whether in the office or on the road, the best CRM is in the cloud.

Web-based Sales Force Automation Tools Enhance End-to-End Sales Management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Force automation system automates lead handling and routing. It provides you the flexibility to define teams and territories as you optimize your organization’s structure. The MS CRM sales automation software helps develop quotes, convert them to opportunities, and then track and supervise them through the sales life-cycle—from lead to account, from pitch to close. Along the way, best practices can be maintained with the software’s Resource Center functionality. Hosted Sales Force software connects sales opportunities with contacts, accounts, activities, and other data points to build and fully manage a 360-degree view on all opportunities.

Online Sales Force Software Enables Automation of Lead Handling

As marketing generates leads, Microsoft Dynamics Sales force software will facilitate tracking by centralizing customer data in a single data store. Automation can also streamline the processes for qualifying leads, segmenting your customer database, and assigning leads to a particular salesperson or sales team. The quality of the intelligence gathered at the start of the sales process has impact throughout the pipeline. If used properly, it can also influence next year’s sale forecasting and budgeting.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Force Automation Software Manages Opportunities and Accounts

As the sales process progresses, transparency and consistency is essential. Across the entire enterprise, from customizing pricing to assessing competition, the quality of each proposal should remain constant for all accounts. In addition, in today’s competitive business environment key data must be collected, captured and tracked. The value of this data can be increased by using Microsoft Dynamics’ embedded analytics to identify opportunities to up-sell and cross-sell. Understanding the importance of every activity and interaction can be the difference between winning another sale and losing an account to a competitor. Account content is king. Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM for automating your sales force will maximizes the value of your company’s relationships with its accounts. Thanks to web-based sales automation tools, better relationships translate to more and easier sales.

Hosted CRM Sales Force Automation Improves the Management of the Sales Pipeline

With CRM Sales force automation, the sales manager can easily monitor the sales pipeline for enhanced fiscal planning. A CRM tool improves the precision of revenue projections with individual or roll-up prediction. It tracks revenue targets by fiscal periods, dates or other predefined criteria. Sales Force Automation helps distill key trends for deals won or lost. With such insights, the sales process can be perfected. Use Dynamics CRM to create rules that automatically assign and allocate responsibilities and activities.

Microsoft Dynamics Sales Force Automation Software’s Analytics Adds Insights to Decision-Making

Via flexible dashboards, Microsoft’s Sales Force Automation software empowers management to identify, measure, and track key performance indicators (KPIs) in real-time. Choose from a robust set of built-in sales reports or use the intuitive Report Wizard to generate ah-hoc reports. Another advantage of hosted Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management software is that all these benefits are available without IT’s assistance.

Apps4Rent is the Right Hosting Partner for Microsoft Dynamics 2011

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With Apps4Rent hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM software companies like yours are able to maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency of sales, marketing and customer support.

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