Track your customer service interactions centrally
with hosted Dynamics CRM.

Customer Service Software

A 360-degree view of your customer data/information is key to your organizational growth, isn’t it? Yes! This is exactly what Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides you with! Microsoft Dynamics CRM is an intelligent customer service management software offered by Apps4Rent that gives intuitive and actionable guidance to customer service professionals, which in turn helps them resolve issues speedily and cut handling times. Apps4Rent offers this finest customer service software for a low monthly price.

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  • Powerful Features. Familiar Microsoft Interface. Low Monthly Price.
  • Modules included: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Offline Sync.
  • Access through Web, Outlook and Mobile Devices.
  • Integrates with Apps4Rent’s Exchange and Sharepoint hosting.
  • 10,000+ Microsoft Application Hosting customers worldwide.

Customer Service Software Enhances Account Handling

When using Customer Service Software, fluid yet secure access to customer account information makes a difference. With MS Dynamics CRM Customer Support Software you can assemble teams that span multiple business units and then assign them to appropriate accounts. Furthermore, you can define and assign roles that permit or restrict access to valuable account details. Changes to data can be audited by setting up automatic notifications.

Online Customer Service Management is Driven by Analytics

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics Customer Support software provides intelligent information and actionable insights. Tracking can be applied to individual reps, department teams, business units or across the whole organization. The Dynamics CRM Customer Service Software dashboard uses real-time data to feed both built-in and ad-hoc reports. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are always just a couple of clicks away. The bottom line is that customer support software enables better decisions and higher profits.

Customer Support Software Software Simplifies Case and Contract Management

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Management Software gives your people on the front line the data and CRM functionality they need to make informed and accurate responses. Each CRM user has the flexibility to personalize their navigation, dashboards and data views. Productivity is increased by allowing individuals to have the customer support tool work for them, instead of them working around it. Informed and focused customer service staff are more likely to be responsive to customers, resolve their cases, and accurately support service contracts.

Online Customer Support Management Software Builds a Knowledge Base

Hosted MS Dynamics CRM Customer Support tools act as a single storage/retrieval point for all important account, case and contact information. Literally, your entire organization will be on the same page. First contact resolution increases because the right information is in the right hands at the right time. With a single collection point, duplication is avoided and the quality of customer knowledge also becomes more widely available. Customer’s today won’t accept you having a general understanding of them. Instead, they expect you to know important details about them. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Service software is the answer to that call.

Customer Service Software Helps Streamline Scheduling and Manage Workflows

Customer Service Software from Microsoft also saves time with a familiar look & feel, as well as easy to use scheduling tools. In addition, teams can easily share calendars and other critical information. Effectively managing human resources, intra-company communications and the workflows is often the difference between a customer satisfied by a case that is closed quickly and further escalation. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Support software is designed to meet the needs of organizations looking to use superior services as a means of differentiation from their competition.

Apps4Rent is the Right Hosting Partner for Microsoft Dynamics 2011

  • Apps4Rent is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and works closely with Microsoft in launching state of the art hosted applications based on the Microsoft Platform. Microsoft products offered by Apps4Rent include Dynamics 2011, SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010, Project Server 2010, and Hyper-V virtualization.
  • In terms of value, App4Rent is an industry leader. We are committed to competitive pricing and superior service across all our product lines.
  • 24/7 support by phone, email and chat. It’s easy to connect with our expert staff anytime from anywhere.

A decade of proven expertise in application hosting with up-time consistently in the neighborhood of 99.99%.
With Apps4Rent hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM software companies like yours are able to maximize sales and increase customer satisfaction by improving the efficiency of sales, marketing and customer support.

Optimize Customer Service

Real-time Dashboards:


Simplify case and contract management:



Enjoy Smart Search for quick search capability:


Build Knowledge base:



Streamline Scheduling:



Track Call Center Statistics

View active cases in real-time using inline visualization feature:


Get a real-time view of individual reports of customer support agents:


Find out the cases on priority basis:


View the customer case ticket backlogs:


Improve Agent Productivity

Unified and intuitive user interface:


Automatically identify and delete duplicate records:



Simplify adding, changing, and managing contact information:



Manage Caseloads/Tickets:

Automated queuing:






Track Follow-up Activities

Quickly capture call notes:


Schedule follow up activities: