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Hosted Exchange 2013

Hosted Exchange 2013 is set to further change the face of Exchange Server product line from being a communication tool to a collaboration tool. Smart search. Touch technology. Structured and simplified interface. New applications for OWA. Improved integration with SharePoint. Unified Messaging. Exchange 2013 hosting includes all features that makes collaboration and of course communication easier in this mobile era.


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Hosted Exchange 2013 Features

  • Better Touch & Usability

  • Included with Hosted Exchange 2013, Outlook Web Apps (OWA) automatically spots and adjusts its interface to the kind of device you are using. This offers a clutter-free and touch-friendly experience.
  • SmartSearch

  • In today’s time, social networking and quick communication with people is vital to users. The Smart Search in Exchange 2013 hosting mode learns from your collaboration and communication behavior to improve and line up search results in Exchange. Similarly, with Exchange 2013, you can combine contacts from many sources to have a single view of a person, by connecting contact data drawn from several locations.
  • Streamlined User Interface

  • Exchange 2013 hosted offers a simplified user interface for OWA users. It, thus, supports touch technology, augmenting the mobile experience.
  • Integration with SharePoint

  • Exchange 2013 hosted mode provides excellent integration with other Microsoft product lines such as SharePoint 2013 via in-place discovery and site mailboxes.
  • OWA Web App Improvements

  • Now OWA web app supports offline access, which means you can draft messages in your web browser while being offline, and have it delivered when you connect to your internet. OWA supports this feature in Apple’s Safari 5, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10, and Google Chrome 16 or later.
  • New User Interface Layouts

  • Some new user interface layouts in hosted Exchange Server 2013 are available which you can select from for your tablet, desktop and/or Smartphone.
  • Ability to customize OWA and Outlook

  • With hosting Exchange 2013, you can customize Outlook and OWA by adding applications from the Office world.
  • AIn-built Malware Protection

  • The basic Malware protection is built in hosted Microsoft Exchange 2013 out-of-the-box. The administrators can configure and handle their settings from inside Exchange Administrative Center (EAC).
  • eDiscovery Capabilities

  • In-Place eDiscovery in Microsoft Exchange 2013 hosting enables you to search and reserve data across several data depositories. Exchange 2013 displays the capability to search across Exchange, and SharePoint 2013.
  • Bigger Mailboxes

  • Microsoft is promising big size mailboxes through Exchange Hosting 2013. Hosted Exchange 2013 now is compatible with disks space of up to 8 TB.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

  • Data loss prevention (DLP) is a new Exchange Server 2013 hosting feature which helps you safeguard your confdential data and notify users of internal compliance policies. Moreover, the new Outlook 2013 PolicyTips informs users regarding violations of policy violations before any confidential data is sent.
  • More Powerful Emails

  • Outlook is integrated with new apps such as suggested appointments, Bing Maps, and action items which allow you to do much more with every mail of yours.
  • Enhanced Social Networking Experience

  • The Outlook client at present currently pulls news and weather data feeds straight into the e-mail client interface. The Office apps model, in which third-party applications operate from the cloud, facilitates an app built for the Outlook client to be effortlessly altered to work in an Outlook Web App. And these apps can be altered to work with different devices.
  • Security and Privacy

  • Hosted 2013 Exchange virtually meet any compliance need. Moreover, you get complete control and accountability over applying compliance policies and meeting your safety requirements.


Hosted Exchange 2013 Screenshots

Contact Management

Manage and update your contacts together at one central location

Our professional networks span across various places. Hosted Exchange 2013 allows you to import contact information from LinkedIn and also other networks in the future, thus ensuring all contact data are stored in one place. Exchange will help you find the same contact person across your personal contacts, other networks and combine their information into one contact card, evading duplication.


Consistent Search experience helps you quickly find the right person

You will find a consistent people search experience right from nickname cache to people hub when composing an email. Search offers you view of all of your people available in your GAL, personal contacts, and networks. Search results are relevance based which offers rich results such as phone numbers, photos, location, so on and so forth.

SharePoint integration

Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

The new Site Mailboxes feature brings Exchange 2013 e-mails and SharePoint documents together. It provides a place to file project documents and emails and can only be seen by project members. Document co-authoring, storage, co-authoring, and versioning is offered by SharePoint whereas messaging is handled by Exchange that too with a complete user experience.


Perform discovery searches for relevant content within mailboxes

In-place eDiscovery offers you with right permissions to possibly gain access to all messaging records stored all over Exchange 2013. It’s vital to monitor and control discovery activities such as members’ addition to the Discovery Management role group, assignment of mailbox access permission to discovery mailboxes, and assignment of the Mailbox Search management role.

SharePoint integration

Protect your vital data against loss

Exchange 2013’s Enterprise version is available out of the box with a set of templates to apply compliance with common regulations and policies including prevention of leaks of personal identification information via mail.


Deal with more powerful E-mails

Hosted Exchange 2013 includes new integrated apps in Outlook such as Bing Maps, and the suggested appointments and action items features which lets you take full advantage of every email you write.

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