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Email Hosting

Whether you are looking for email hosting services for a small business, corporate office, or a large enterprise, Apps4Rent has the best business email hosting for you at a competitive price. For the price conscious buyer, our business email hosting plans with POP3/IMAP include essential email features for less than 50 cents/mailbox. At the other end of the spectrum, Apps4Rent’s Hosted Exchange 2016 mailbox of unlimited size includes numerous high-end features for mobility, collaboration, automation, and integration with Microsoft business software. In the middle in terms of functionality and price is the MobileSyncMail product. In addition, Apps4Rent provides the complete set of email and collaboration plans included in Microsoft’s Office 365. Chat with our sales staff and they will guide you to the best solution for you.

Hosted Exchange 2016 – Current Promotion

  • ✓ New Accounts of 15 or More Mailboxes
  • ✓ Free Migration Services
  • ✓ Normally $6.95/month/mailbox

Based on Annual Payment
Month to Month for $4.95/month/mailbox

Business Email Hosting Plans Comparison

Business Email MobileSyncMail Exchange 2016

Business Email Hosting – What’s included?

Storage Space

Each hosted mailbox is allocated storage space on the mail server according to the business email hosting plan selected.

1 GB 5 GB Unlimited

Attachment Size

Apps4Rent allows larger attachment sizes compared to other business email hosting providers.

50 MB 50 MB 150 MB

Free Exchange ActiveSync

Valuable Exchange ActivSync license is included in advanced hosted business email plans.

Not Available Yes Yes

Backup of hosted email

Daily backups ensure that your recent data is safe and recoverable.

Daily Daily Daily

Mobile Access or Sync

Exchange Activesync is an industry leading synchronization technology licensed by Microsoft to major technology companies such as Google, Apple, and Nokia among others.

Mobile Access Exchange ActiveSync Exchange ActiveSync


An advanced Anti-Spam screener rejects suspected spam emails.

Advanced Advanced Advanced


A built-in virus scanner keeps incoming and outgoing messages virus free.

Yes Yes Yes

24 x 7 x 365 Support

World-class support from a leading application hosting provider.

Phone, Email, Chat Phone, Email, Chat Phone, Email, Chat

Consolidate other accounts such as Yahoo, Gmail

MobileSyncMail allows other email accounts to be pulled into its Webmail interface.

No Yes Yes

Web-based Control Panel

Web-based account administration for users and mail administrators.

Yes Yes Yes

Price and Payment Terms for Business Email Hosting

Price per Mailbox

$0.50/mailbox $1.95/mailbox $6.95/mailbox

Storage Space

1 GB 5 GB Unlimited

Setup Fee

None None None

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes Yes Yes

Month-to-Month Billing

Yes – Minimum 20 mailboxes Yes – Minimum 3 mailboxes Yes – Minimum 1 mailbox

Email Hosting Annual Billing

10% Discount – Minimum 20 mailboxes 10% Discount – Minimum 1 mailbox 10% Discount – Minimum 1 mailbox

Credit Cards Accepted

Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes

American Express

Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes

Google Checkout

No No No

Wire Transfer

Only over $1500 Only over $1500 Only over $1500

Support for Business Email Hosting

24 x 7 x 365 Support

Yes Yes Yes

Phone Support

Yes Yes Yes

Email/Ticket Support

Yes Yes Yes

Chat Support

Yes Yes Yes

Remote Control Option

Our techs are able to access your desktop and troubleshoot using a special application that you install.

Yes Yes Yes

Web-based Knowledge Base for Hosted Business Email

Yes Yes Yes


We maintain a blog that includes content on business email hosting.

Yes Yes Yes

Migration Assistance

We will assist you in moving from your current business email hosting provider over to Apps4Rent.

Yes Yes Yes

Domains and Business Email Hosting

Use Existing Domain

You can use your domain name to host your mail services with us whereas your other services for the domain name will continue to run from the current location/provider.

Yes Yes Yes

Use Apps4Rent Subdomain

No No Yes

Register Domain through Apps4Rent

A new domain for business email hosting can be registered through us for Hosted Exchange.

Yes Yes Yes

Split Domain

If you have emails hosted on a POP/IMAP server and you also want some employees on Exchange. This can be achieved through split domain.

Yes Yes Yes

About Apps4Rent’s Infrastructure

SAS Certified Data Centers

Our business email servers are situated in SAS 70 certified data centers with great connectivity to primary internet backbone.

Yes Yes Yes

Multiple Data Centers for Redundancy

Our key hosted email servers are replicated in multiple data centers.

Yes Yes Yes


Cluster configuration improves reliability.

99.9% 99.9% 99.99%

24 x 7 Monitoring and System Administration

Experienced business email hosting System Administrators are available 24/7.

Yes Yes Yes

Desktop Mail Clients Supported

Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

Microsoft Outlook is the most commonly used desktop mail client software for accessing business email.

Yes Yes Outlook 2010 or higher


Thunderbird is an open source email software distributed by Mozilla organization for accessing business email.

Yes Yes Yes

Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the built-in email software on Apple Mac computers for accessing business email.

Yes Yes Yes


Microsoft Entourage is an Outlook version that works on Apple Mac for accessing business email.

Yes Yes Yes

Mail Protocols Supported


You can fetch/download your business e-mails by using mail clients like Outlook/Outlook Express/Thunderbird/Entourage and other such mail clients.

Yes Yes Yes


Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) is a protocol supported by advanced business email providers.

Yes Yes Yes


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks.

Yes Yes Yes


Support for Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI).

No No Yes


Not Available Yes No


Not Available Yes Yes

WebMail Access for Business Email

WebMail Software

Horde/Roundcube/SquirrelMail SmarterMail Outlook Web App

Internet Explorer

Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes

Mozilla Firefox

Yes Yes Yes

Google Chrome

Yes Yes Yes

Syncs with Desktop Mail Clients


Mobile Synchronization

Exchange ActiveSync

No Yes Yes


Access Mobile Sync/Push Technology Mobile Sync/Push Technology

Windows Mobile

Access Mobile Sync/Push Technology Mobile Sync/Push Technology


Access Mobile Sync/Push Technology Mobile Sync/Push Technology

Nokia Symbian Phones

Access Mobile Sync/Push Technology Mobile Sync/Push Technology

Sync Email

Yes Yes Yes

Sync Contacts

No Yes Yes

Sync Calendar

No Yes Yes

Sync Tasks

No Yes Yes

Sync Notes

No Yes Yes

Can synchronize using SyncML protocol

No Yes No

Collaboration Features

Shared Folders

Shared folder are used in emailing services, so that the same folder is accessible by more than one user. We also make extensive use of shared folders for contacts and mail.

No Yes Yes

Shared Contacts

Shared contacts are contacts which are accessible by more than one mailbox. Contacts can be shared directly or they can be added to public folder.

No Yes Yes

Shared Calendar

Shared calendar is shared among different users.

No Yes Yes


SharePoint is a strong data collaboration application. People can easily connect and collaborate through an intranet, extranet, or through the web.

No No Yes

Public Folders

The Public folder is a convenient way to share information with others. Users can share, contact, files, calendars, etc. Public Folder is not available in Hosted Exchange 2013. However, with Dedicated Exchange Server this feature is available.

No No Available Add-On

Distribution Lists

Distribution list is a term sometimes used for a function of email clients where lists of email addresses are used to email everyone on the list at once.

Yes Yes Yes

Automation Features for Business Email


An e-mail alias is simply a forwarding e-mail address, any number of aliases can be added to a primary email address. Alias share the same mailbox space with the primary email address.

Yes Yes Yes


AutoReply sends a pre-written responses to your incoming business e-mail automatically.

Yes Yes Yes


The Auto-Setup tool will automatically configure your hosted business email software. It can set up a new email account or adjust the configuration settings for an existing business email account.

Yes Yes Yes


AutoComplete is a feature of Outlook and other mail clients in which the user is provided with the options of email addresses he has previously used. The AutoComplete feature gives suggestions for possible matches as a user types in. This feature can be enabled or disabled only by the user.

Yes Yes Yes


A visual reminder for important business e-mails. You can flag an e-mail with various colors so that they are easily visible and can be searched easily. You can have different flag colors for different types of e-mail so as to categorize them.

Yes Yes Yes

Message Notification

This feature allows you to get a notification when a new e-mail comes in. This can be activated from within your mail client.

Yes Yes Yes

Link Email to Task

This feature allows you to create a task out of e-mail.

Outlook Yes Yes

Catch Alls

Catch All is a default email box where mails for e-mail addresss which do not exsist for your domain gets delivered.

Yes Yes No

Mail Rules

This feature allows you to define rules in order to sort, filter, or redirect mail when received

Yes Yes Yes


Email forwarding generically refers to the operation of re-sending an email message delivered to one email address on to a different email address.

Yes Yes Yes

Search Folders

Search Folders are virtual folders that contain views of all e-mail items matching specific search criteria.

Yes Yes Yes


This touch-and-go feature creates clickable links from phone numbers, street addresses and email addresses that appear in messages, contacts, calendars, tasks and notes to show the location.

No No Yes


This touch-and-go feature gives you option for email addresses that appear in messages, contacts and so on. For example, hovering over an email address will give users the option to add/edit or email the contact.

Yes Yes Yes