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Hosted Asterisk PBX

If you are looking for an economical and flexible business telephony solution for your small business that can take advantage of low price VOIP connections as well as traditional phone lines, then hosted Asterisk PBX or its variant trixbox, is the right product for you. Asterisk PBX is a business class, fully featured, IP PBX products that works well for small business with a few ITSP trunks and extensions, as well as larger installs with multiple trunks and numerous extensions such as inbound or outbound call centers. Apps4Rent offers Asterisk and trixbox versions installed and ready to go on virtual dedicated servers at reasonable prices.


  • 99.99 % Uptime
  • Daily Backups
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • 24/7 Expert Staffing
  • Top Tier Data Centers

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  • Use your Domain or Ours
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  • 30 Day Risk Free Trial

Hosted Asterisk PBX is a software implementation of a telephone private branch exchange (PBX). Asterisk PBX supports a wide range of TDM protocols for the handling and transmission of voice over traditional telephony interfaces, and VoIP packet protocols such as IAX, SIP and H.323. Hosted Asterisk supports US and European standard signaling types used in business phone systems, allowing it to bridge between next-generation voice-data integrated networks and existing infrastructure. Asterisk VOIP software hosting can connect to both SIP and IAX VoIP “trunks.”

What are the features of Hosted Asterisk VOIP PBX?

Hosted Asterisk VOIP PBX software sports a bundle of features such as voice mailing, conference calling, interactive voice response (phone menus), and automatic call distribution. Want to automate, track and manage your customer calls? Want to schedule outbound calls? Want to create instant interactive calls? Want to combine any phones with Asterisk PBX? Now you will get all this together under one application.

Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI):

By implementing Asterisk Gateway Interface (AGI) program, users can create new functionality by writing dial plan scripts in several of Asterisk PBX’s own extensions languages.

Support to Video and VOIP protocols:

Hosted Asterisk PBX supports a wide range of Video and Voice over IP protocols, including SIP, MGCP and H.323. Asterisk Hosting can interoperate with most SIP telephones, acting both as registrar and as a gateway between IP phones and the PSTN. VoIP telephone companies can, as an option, support Asterisk as a user agent or trunked connection with the IAX2 or SIP trunking protocols along with ATAs and other software user agents.

Support to traditional protocols:

Hosted Asterisk PBX is not only a VOIP hosting solution but it also supports many traditional circuit-switching protocols such as ISDN and SS7. This requires appropriate hardware interface cards supporting such protocols, marketed by third-party vendors. Each protocol requires the installation of software modules such as Zaptel, Libpri, Libss7, chanss7, wanpipe and others. With these features, Asterisk Hosting provides a wide spectrum of communications options.

How to get started with Asterisk PBX or Trixbox for your business?

  • To get started with using Asterisk PBX for your business, you require three main components:

  • An Asterisk server plan of Apps4Rent with a version of Asterisk or tribox installed on it. You can pick a server plan based on the number of users.

  • You need to get an Internet Telephony Service provider to provide you with the telephone numbers for VOIP communication. You can also program regular landline phone numbers and cell phone numbers of your users.

  • You need to provide local connectivity with a broadband provider and/or telecommunication provider at your business locations.

    All in all, businesses of any size can use Apps4Rent’s hosted Asterisk PBX server to cut telephony costs, generate sales, track results and improve customer service.