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MS Access Hosting

Known for being a great relational database, MS Access has also become the best tool to create a browser-based database application. In addition to being secure and scalable, data in MS Access is easily shareable too. MS Access provides database functionality as well as programming capabilities to create several end-user outputs such as forms, sub-forms, queries, combo boxes, text boxes, reports, and much more. Components like relationships, queries, macros, modules and others are persistent; in other words, any change that is made gets saved when moving from one component of MS Access to another. Check out our attractive price plans below, which will enable you to benefit from the best MS Access hosting found on the web.

MS Access and our Hosted Solutions

There are various things which can be done via MS Access. MS Access can also be leveraged along with SharePoint Server 2013. At times, there is thin line between what can be achieved at an attractive price point. Here are few guideline which may help some you in determining what the best way forward when looking towards a cloud solution.

Access Services:

Access Services is a feature of SharePoint Server and is used to host relational databases within SharePoint. Access Services allows your users to “interact” with the Access App. If you are looking towards pulling out reports or use the Access App feature then our Hosted SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise is the best way to move forward. Besides, you will be able to leverage the Reporting Services too. Access Services uses full features of full-text search capabilities within SQL 2012. This feature can be used by your users for searching information. Besides, you will also be able to leverage the Web forms and other modern functionalities.

Similarly, if you have a local Access 2013 database which interacts with MS Access and you would like to move it to the cloud; then our Hosted SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise plan will work just fine. You can upload the database to your SharePoint site and your users can connect to the database which is installed on local PC; this is just like they have been doing till now.

Our Hosted SharePoint Enterprise solution should meet your needs if you are looking towards these functionalities. Our Hosted plans come with 30 days of Money Back Guarantee. You could sign up for our services and check out the features and get a full refund if you cancel in first 30 days.

Build an Access App:

Access apps are new in SharePoint Server 2013. Access Apps for 2013 use Access Services. The data and the database objects are a part of SQL server and you design/modify the app in Access 2013. If you are looking towards building an Access app; then the best plan to go for is our Flex or Dedicated SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise edition. With these two offerings, you will be able to build your Access App and share it with others. Navigation and basic commands are built in and this will enable you to start using the app immediately.

With our Flex offering, you get full access to the SharePoint Server as well as Central Admin as an administrator. You will be able to make server wide changes too. Database server is a shared SQL server.

With our Dedicated SharePoint Server environment you will have full access to the SharePoint Server; Central Admin and also administrator access to the database server. You will be able to make server side changes on your own.

Hosting your database:

Out of the box; if you have a Web Database, then our Hosted SharePoint Server 2010 environment should suffice. With our Hosted SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise; you will be able to view and edit a Web Database which was created using Access 2010 and SharePoint 2010.

Out of the Box, with SharePoint 2013, you will not be able to create a Web Database. SharePoint 2013 introduced Access App in place of Web Database.

If you are looking for Web Forms and if you have Web Compatible database; then our Hosted SharePoint Server Enterprise solutions are the best way forward. They come with 30 days of Money back Guarantee. You could sign-up and test the functionalities. If you cancel in first 30 days we will refund your Money Back.

Platform independent access to MS Access:

If MS Access is mission critical to you or if you would like to securely access your MS Access application from anywhere in the world and from any device or from a browser; then you can choose our Access Desktops. These Desktops come with MS Access Application. Besides the working on the MS Access application, you can perform various tasks which you would typically do from a desktop like browsing sites using any of the popular browsers and so on. Access to these desktops are encrypted and these desktops can be access from anywhere in the world including browsers and on any platform.

Directly hosting your Access Database:

If you have Access database which is not web compatible but still want people to work on the same set of records; then you will need to go for a Hyper-V Server Environment with MS SQL installed on it. Your users will connect via the MS Access Application or Access Application to the database. All your forms; code and VBA code will work on users PC while the data is synced to our servers.

If you have an Access Database which was not built on SharePoint or is not Web compatible, then our Hyper-V Server environment along with MS SQL Server is the best way ahead. With our Hyper-V server offering; you get full administrator access to the server along with full access to the database server.

Bottom line:

The first question which needs to be answered is what version of Access you have and are they Web compatible. You need to remember that the requirements are different for both 2010 and 2013 environments.

If you have Access 2010; then the best way is to go for our SharePoint Server 2010 environment as with SharePoint 2013; you can carry the database from Access 2010 but the App will need to be built from the scratch. If you already have database which 2013 compatible then our Hosted SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise environment should fit the bill for most cases.

If you would like to create an App then the best plans are Flex or Dedicated SharePoint Server 2013 environments are best.

If you have an Access database which is not Web compatible but you would still like the database to be shared and worked upon by common group of users then our Hyper-V server offering along with MS SQL server is the best way forward.