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Diskspace1 5 GB 20 GB 65 GB
Dedicated vCPU and RAM2 Grid-powered Grid-powered Dedicated
Users Included 1 1 1
Incremental Users NA $17/month/user $17/month/user
Setup No fee No fee No fee
Unlimited Access Databases Yes Yes Yes
No Long Term Contract Yes Yes Yes
Daily Backup Disaster Recovery Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with VBA Code Yes Yes Yes
Versions Supported 2019/16 2019/16 2019/16/13
Customized Security (IP Lockdown) Yes
Install Your Own Software/Applications   Yes


  1. In Access Hosting Standard & Enterprise plans, the diskspace is the reserved database space. In Virtual Desktop, the diskspace is the total dedicated space.
  2. In Access Hosting Dedicated plan, 2 vCPUs and 4 GB RAM is included.

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