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Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM online from Apps4Rent?

  • Powerful Features. Familiar Microsoft Interface. Low Monthly Price.
  • Modules included: Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and Offline Sync.
  • Access through Web, Outlook and Mobile Devices.
  • Integrates with Apps4Rent's Exchange and Sharepoint hosting.
  • 10,000+ Microsoft Application Hosting customers worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 - Shared

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Dynamics Online CRM Key Features Customer Relationship Management Sales Force Automation Marketing Automation Customer Service Software
Microsoft Dynamics Online CRM Key Features
Key Features

Integration with Microsoft Office

Users already familar with the MS Office interface will require less training and will be more productive sooner with Dynamics CRM Online.

Streamline business processes

New and enhanced tools enable end-users, developers, and IT professionals to create and store workflows. The ability to maintain consistent and streamlined processes across the company becomes a competitive advantage.

Real time multiple dashboards

Users can quickly configure multiple dashbaords; and they can be set up for individual or shared use. You can use inline charts; identify new trends and so on with MS Online CRM.

Easy reporting

Improved end-used friendly reporting tools allow staff and management to make better use of Online CRM data without the assistance of the IT department.


Create a very granular security structure, with support for sharing and assignment of record ownership to a particular business unit all the way down to an individual.

Integration with MS SharePoint

Dynamic CRM Online 2011 plus SharePoint equals: enhanceed collaboration and data viewing/analyzing capabilities.


Dynamics CRM can be configured to support users based in different parts of the world. It is not limited to English.

Audit trail

Audit trail support can determine who and when a record was created/updated.

Smart Search

Smart Search makes finding easier by eliminating clicks and removing the necessity for a separate lookup window. Exact matches as well as relevant partial matches are quickly displayed.

Smart phone support

Microsoft's Online CRM supports the majors smart phone platforms: BlackBerry, iPhone, Palm, Windows Mobile, Windows CE.

Role based forms and views

Display forms and views based on defined user roles. Ensures that users have faster access to the relevant information.

Outlook Integration

Superior and seamless integration between MS CRM Online and MS Outlook means you don't need to manage e-mails in both your email client and your Online CRM.

Knowledge management

Eliminate information silos by creating and updating a centralized knowledge repository. Easy to use tools help define access rules.

Complete account history

From to lead to prospect to active account, throughout a customer's lifecyle Dynamics CRM Online enables sharing essential account details across all departments.

Unlimited notes per contact

Create and view an unlimimted number of notes for every contact. Each note in the online CRM will also have a date/time stamp.

Store emails in a centralized database

All the e-mail history with a lead/account is stored inside the Online CRM database and can be accessed via the web.

Sales force automation

Online CRM optimizes your sales efforts with intutive features. Track sales, shorten the sales cycle, increases close rates, maximize revenue.

Marketing automation

Utilize workflows, analytics and enhanced collaboration features to improve marketing productivity and efficiency.

Customer Service Support

Use CRM Online to define workflows, scripts and escalation rules. Operate more effectively by tracking cases and setting priorities.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence (BI) is the new competitive advantage. Dynamics Online CRM offers exceptional support for key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics and custom dashboards.

Workflow Wizard

The new MS Online CRM Workflow Wizard empowers end users to create workflows more quickly and easily with a visual design environment.

Report Wizard

Use standard charts or customize your own. Embed them in your dashboard and have them update in realtime.

Global business support

A unified look & feel, standardized workflows and realtime tracking, plus multiple languages, currencies, time zones and more. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is designed to make modern companies more competitive.

Manage data intelligently

The MS CRM Online data management capabilities empower people to import data rapidly. Build in functionality preserves the integrity and accuracy of your database.

Endorsed by 10,000 Businesses Over 10 Years