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SharePoint Project Management

More companies are harnessing the power of Microsoft SharePoint project management solution. While there are many project management software products, MS SharePoint combines the right level of features along with ease of use that allows end users to actively use the software while requiring little help from their IT departments. Above all, one benefit of SharePoint stands out from the rest – a mobile enabled SharePoint site – connecting team members and community sites through their mobile devices as well as computers.

Apps4Rent offers SharePoint project management software functionality with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007), Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), SharePoint Foundation 2010, and SharePoint Server 2010 to match client budget and feature needs. See MOSS vs WSS and Foundation vs Server 2010 for comparison of software features.

How Can SharePoint Help You Manage Projects?

If you have a large team working on the same project without any project management software, you may be running around from group to group to stay updated. As well, it can be difficult to bring a project together with multiple time zones, several documentation versions and stakeholders wanting weekly special reports. With SharePoint you can:

  • Keep updated on the project status through individual team updates.
  • Check how much of the project is complete.
  • Post and assign tasks to individual team members or whole teams.
  • Track potential issues and have up-to-date access for project reports.
  • Easily update the completed percentage for personal tasks, estimate finish dates and send feedback.
  • Accept or deny requests for time off.
  • Post announcements on important news and issues involving the project.
  • Post announcements for important documentation reviews and milestones.
  • Discuss the project, tasks and other related projects, all online.
  • Share project reviews and create project documentation for easy version tracking.
  • List important contacts for project team members to access easily, such as support staff, outside vendors, customer contacts and development staff.
  • Set up alerts for non co-located team members who aren’t heavily involved in the SharePoint project collaboration (alerts are auto-emailed).
  • Track project schedules, control changes, and mange project risk.
  • Setup automatic reporting for key stakeholders.


Each of these tasks can be done from your own desktop computer or mobile phone. Microsoft SharePoint project management software provides strong collaborative abilities at enterprise level. Assign necessary security levels per user; collaborate worldwide or throughout your office. If you need a streamlined way to manage your projects, SharePoint project management software may be the answer!


SharePoint Project Management

Chart View of your task schedule

Contact Management

Manage and update your contacts together at one central location

Our professional networks span across various places. Hosted Exchange 2013 allows you to import contact information from LinkedIn and also other networks in the future, thus ensuring all contact data are stored in one place. Exchange will help you find the same contact person across your personal contacts, other networks and combine their information into one contact card, evading duplication.

Scheduled task periods


SharePoint Project Management

Plan your Project in Detail:
One of the most important duties of a project manager is planning their projects in detail. In SharePoint, you can build a comprehensive task list, schedule the task periods, and do more. You can assign tasks, allocate resources, and fix durations for the task to ensure that the correct tasks are accomplished at the correct time, by the right people.



Get real-time access to your data via intuitive dashboard:

SharePoint’s real-time dashboards offer you a graphical interpretation of your project status that too online. As and when you project members update data, the dashboard automatically updates the data and provides an updated status of your project.

Schedule meetings


Simplify Team Collaboration and Communication:

SharePoint offers the best collaboration and communication platform. You can easily schedule meetings; do project announcements, conduct group discussions or easily brainstorm over project strategies.
Make Project Announcements:




Conduct group discussions or easily brainstorm over project strategies:


Resource Planner:


Resource Analyzer:


Resource Modeler:


Document Versioning

Document Version

Content Approval