Application hosting allows you to be productive
from anywhere, with any device.


I want a server that can support my application; it may have Silverlight. Can we install Silverlight web parts?
Absolutely. As you will be the administrator of the Virtual Dedicated Server, you will be able to install different applications. You can also go for our Managed Virtual Dedicated Server plans, where we manage your Windows/Linux based Virtual Dedicated Server and the applications.

Our server management plans include monitoring of various critical services on your servers, server management hours every month; installing and configuring essential services for your server. Here are additional details. We have 2 server management plans in place.


  1. Server Admin Lite: 1 hour of server management tasks per month. The price is $29 per month.
  2. Server Admin basic: 2 hours of server management tasks per month. The price is $49 per month.

    Both the plans include the following:

  4. 24x7x365 Monitoring of essential services on your Virtual Dedicated Server.
  5. Unlimited Server Reboot requests.
  6. Patch Management.
  7. Install, configure and maintain mail servers.
  8. Install, configure and maintain Web servers.
  9. Install, configure and maintain DNS servers.
  10. Install, configure maintain database servers.
  11. Install and maintain Software – PHP, Perl, and other.
  12. 24x7x365 Help Desk and Admin Availability.
  13. Firewall Installation.
  14. Server Trouble Shooting and Optimization.

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