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Do we call your Tech Support to help us set up SharePoint on Hyper–V?

While signing up for the Hyper–V plan, you need to select WSS 3.0 so that we can setup WSS 3.0 on your Hyper–V. Once we have setup the Hyper–V with WSS 3.0; its day-to-day tasks can be performed directly by you as you would have access to the Central Administration of WSS 3.0 and you will be the administrator of the server.
We do have Dedicated Managed SharePoint Hosting Plans, where we can manage the server for you and provide you 24 X 7 assistance on all your SharePoint related queries.

With the Dedicated Managed SharePoint Hosting Plans, we monitor essential services for your server and we have 24 X 7 support team who will be able to assist you with your queries related to SharePoint. Additional hours are added for Server Administration Tasks. Please visit the following link for more details on the plan.

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