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SharePoint Extranet Software

Microsoft SharePoint includes numerous features that facilitate hosting of extranets – websites that allow selective access to suppliers, customers, subscribers, and internal staff members through a simple authentication mechanism that prevents unwanted viewers from clicking through to private data. With hosted SharePoint extranet software, the task of information sharing between stakeholders from multiple organizations becomes easy, and business keeps moving along smoothly.


Apps4Rent offers SharePoint extranet hosting with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS 2007), Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), SharePoint Foundation 2010, and SharePoint Server 2010 to match client budget and feature needs. See MOSS vs WSS and Foundation vs Server 2010 for comparison of extranet software features.

SharePoint extranet software with WSS or MOSS allows business managers of small, large and growing companies to quickly setup extranet hosting, giving employees the ability to access and share company information and data with authorized external users, as well as do much more than the capabilities of intranet hosting allow. This does not mean extranet hosting is not secure. In fact, building and deploying a SharePoint extranet hosted site offers enhanced support for authenticated third-party users in widely dispersed areas.

Some of the salient features and benefits of using SharePoint extranet hosting are:

  • Extranet hosting provides excellent ROI with ease of use and enhanced productivity.
  • Browser-based content management enables the IT team to manage the hosted extranet software using a browser.
  • SharePoint templates and tools in your SharePoint website provide ready solutions for custom scenarios and can be applied to common tasks such as tracking sales.
  • Users can access the SharePoint extranet hosted site from a Windows mobile.
  • Storing documents and information online enables all authorized and authenticated users to access documents, information, and data, which is stored centrally on extranet software through a browser from anywhere in the world.
  • Company employees can use wikis and blogs to share knowledge, information, and ideas on any and all topics.
  • With extranet hosting, authenticated users are able to share calendars, add tasks and completion dates, while maintaining control and access to specific dates and calendars.
  • Employees working on specific projects and documents are able to share tasks, lists of pending and completed tasks with project members, and assign or create new tasks easily. The tasks may be shared with everyone working on a project to enable proper monitoring and development on a regular basis.
  • Authorized users can create sheets, documents, and presentations online
  • Individual contact lists can be synchronized with Outlook and a mobile phone and shared with members of the site.

    With SharePoint extranet software hosting, there’s no need to fly employees in from overseas or worry about your company’s proprietary information. Whether you have two company locations or a hundred, extranet software hosting gives your company the secure, worldwide connectivity you need to grow your business.
    Companies that need greater control, customization, or features, can purchase dedicated SharePoint hosting on virtual dedicated server with WSS or MOSS 2007 hosting.