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Project Management Company hosts Revit on Apps4Rent Virtual Desktops for Building Information Modeling


A U.S-based outsourcing company providing professional architecture, engineering, and construction services with remote employees was looking for hosting solutions for AutoDesk Revit for 2 users. While they knew that the solution is resource-intensive, they were unsure of the required configuration. Apps4Rent identified, implemented, and optimized the right solution for the client to empower their remote employees with hosted Revit at affordable rates

Apps4Rent’s Solution:

Apps4Rent offered the client a host of virtual desktop plans and options. While both shared and dedicated plans were available, the resource-intensive tasks practically ruled out shared plans. The top-ofthe-line Citrix Virtual Desktop Dedicated Gold plan was identified as the optimal solution for the customer’s requirement. The client further customized the solution with the addition dedicated vGPU and extra disk space apart from a license for a second user.


Apps4Rent offered a successful solution for remote work on graphicsintensive app like Revit. There is no need to update software on expensive workstations with Apps4Rent’s 24/7 Support.

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Chicago Based Modeling Firm


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