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Policies related to QuickBooks Hosting

QuickBooks Software is owned by Intuit Inc. (“Intuit”). All rights reserved. QuickBooks software is hosted by Apps4Rent under license from Intuit Inc. Apps4Rent is solely responsible for the provision of all services on this website. You, the Customer of Apps4Rent’s QuickBooks Hosting, authorize Apps4Rent to install QuickBooks software updates at its discretion and understand that the installation of such software updates may result in your need to perform a data file update of your QuickBooks company file(s).

In addition to all other terms and conditions herein:

  1. You grant Apps4Rent the right to share your QuickBooks license information, including all license-related keys and numbers, payroll keys, and numbers, and number of users for which you provide such licenses, with Intuit for verification and tracking purposes;
  2. You understand and agree that Intuit is not a party to the User Agreement between you and Apps4Rent;
  3. You disclaim any liability by Intuit for the provision of QuickBooks hosting by Apps4Rent;
  4. You acknowledge and agree that Intuit provides no warranties for the hosting services provided by Apps4Rent, and no warranties with respect to the performance of QuickBooks software within Apps4Rent’s hosting services;
  5. You understand and agree that Intuit is responsible solely for support of QuickBooks software as per the End User License Agreement between Intuit and you, and is not responsible for any other products or services offered by Apps4Rent or its third parties;
  6. You understand and agree that except for those QuickBooks licenses that you subscribe to through Apps4Rent that QuickBooks software is subject to Intuit’s discontinuation policies and upon receipt of notice by Intuit or Apps4Rent that a particular version of the QuickBooks is being discontinued that you shall be required to upgrade to the latest version of QuickBooks, unless Intuit expressly agrees to permit use of discontinued software;
  7. You understand and agree that except for those licenses that you bring to Apps4Rent as a new Apps4Rent customer that you must either obtain QuickBooks licenses through Apps4Rent (via Intuit), or directly from Intuit, or through Intuit’s dedicated accountant sales partner program;
  8. You understand and agree that if you discontinue the use of Apps4Rent’s hosting services, any valid QuickBooks licenses that you had used on Apps4Rent’s hosting, can only be obtained on physical media or downloads solely and directly through Intuit;
  9. You understand and agree that if you subscribe to QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, upon availability of a new version, your access to the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software through your subscription may be upgraded accordingly without prior notice or approval from you;
  10. You understand and agree that it is your responsibility for retrieving your data from Host in the case of termination of the hosting services. In case of any data loss or theft despite Apps4Rent’s efforts, Intuit has no liability for such data loss or theft.
  11. You understand and agree that you cannot technically or otherwise allow two or more Users to share a single account and set of log-in credentials and are prohibited from doing so. You and your users are bound by your End User License Agreement with Intuit;
  12. You understand and agree that you are solely responsible for the actions and behavior of your users.


  • You agree to comply with software license agreements for all software including QuickBooks that you use with Apps4Rent.
  • You attest that you are the legal owner of all license information that you have provided or will provide to Apps4Rent.
  • You agree that such license agreements are strictly between you and Intuit Inc and that Apps4Rent has the right to signal acceptance, including your acceptance, of such software license agreements.
  • You understand and accept that it is your sole responsibility to ensure that your use of QuickBooks versions with Apps4Rent is compliant with all software license agreements.
  • You understand and agree that Apps4Rent is not offering QuickBooks on an application service provider or time-sharing basis, but rather leases the platform on which you use QuickBooks.
  • You agree that the relationship of Apps4Rent to such software license agreements is that of a consultant who maintains computers that are either leased or owned by you.
  • You grant Apps4Rent the right to share with Intuit your respective QuickBooks license information including all license-related keys and numbers for QuickBooks application by Intuit.