QuickBooks Enterprise Plans Comparison

QuickBooks Enterprise is the most powerful edition of QuickBooks software. The latest QuickBooks Enterprise 20.0 offers simple, user-friendly, premium functionality which is scalable with your business growth.

Here’s comparison between different QuickBooks Enterprise licenses: QuickBooks Enterprise Silver vs QuickBooks Enterprise Gold vs QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum vs QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond.

Features QuickBooks Enterprise Silver QuickBooks Enterprise Gold QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum QuickBooks Enterprise Diamond
QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise software yes yes yes yes
Special Benefits with QuickBooks Priority Cirle Program yes yes yes yes
24/7/365 Customer Support yes yes yes yes
Regular Online Backup and Storage on Apps4Rent Servers yes yes yes yes
Automated QuickBooks Updates yes yes yes yes
Apps4Rent Powered Remote Access and Mobility yes yes yes yes
Advanced Reporting with sophisticated portal, auto-filled templates, and powerful search features yes yes yes yes
QuickBooks PC + Cloud Service yes yes yes yes
Comprehensive inventory management system with Advanced Inventory yes yes
Control, customize, and automate pricing with Advanced Pricing yes yes
Advanced payroll management capabilities with Enhanced Payroll Add-on service for < $1/day for unlimited employees yes yes
Managed payoll Services with Assisted Payroll Exclusively available at $1 per employee per pay period
Time tracking with TSheets Elite Add-on at $5/employee/month
Connect QuickBooks with Salesforce with CRM Connector Integrate at $150/month per company file

What are Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise Plans?

QuickBooks Enterprise edition is particularly well-suited for fast-growing small and medium businesses (SMB) with complex accounting needs. As an all-inclusive accounting solutions package, QuickBooks Enterprise has an in-built inventory management capability with extensible payroll management, time tracking, and customer relationship management capabilities with add-ons and integrations.

As the most powerful QuickBooks accounting solution, QuickBooks Enterprise can handle millions of customers, inventory, vendors, and other list items. It is a versatile software that is highly customizable despite its advanced capabilities in pricing, inventory management, and other features.

As an Intuit Authorized Standard Host, Apps4Rent is the best QuickBooks Enterprise hosting service provider with 24/7/365 support via phone, chat, and email. Contact our sales team now for promotional pricing on QuickBooks Enterprise licenses.

Contact our sales team now for promotional pricing on QuickBooks Enterprise licenses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are hosted QuickBooks Enterprise plans different from the local-only QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise plans?

No. They are the same. The only difference is that your company files can be accessed with any device including Macs. This means, other than you, any authorized person, such as your accountant who works from a different part of the world can work with the same data.

Where are my QuickBooks company files? Are they safe?

Your QuickBooks company files are stored on high-availability Apps4Rent servers. We guarantee 99.9% uptime for your data that is stored in SSAE certified data centers that comply with the requirements of top-tier banks and financial institutions.

When is a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise plan right for me?

QuickBooks Enterprise with hosting is useful particularly when you have distributed teams or remote workforces working on their own devices rather than your organization’s computers on which QuickBooks Enterprise is installed. Hosted QuickBooks Enterprise will help you secure your data while reducing your operational costs.

How can data be migrated to hosted QuickBooks Enterprise?

You can import data that correspond to lists, budgets, and individual transactions in QuickBooks if the data can be exported to spreadsheets or text files. Some software have plug-ins or add-ons that export their data directly to QuickBooks eliminating the need for migration. These add-ons require processing power. This makes hosted QuickBooks Enterprise preferable over the local-only version.

What kind of support can I get after I subscribe to a hosted QuickBooks Enterprise plan?

Apps4Rent provides 24/7/365 hands-on support for hosting queries. Your QuickBooks Enterprise subscription entitles you to exclusive, unlimited access to QuickBooks experts who can assist with technical queries.