Meet Your Compliance for Sure
With Apps4Rent’s Data Backups on Azure

Data Backups on Azure

Today, many organizations adhere to strict compliance standards for data protection. We help you meet the compliance standards of your organization. The need to have a safe and reliable solution can be met by backing up data on Azure platform. This is a highly scalable offering. We can design the backup solution based on your needs. As the backups are stored on Azure storage, you can choose any of the Azure locations anywhere in the world for storing your backup.

Pricing – Data Backups on Azure

If you have any of the following Virtual Desktop plan, the add-on pricing for backups on Azure is:

If you want to help in deciding the right plan according to your requirement, give us a call now!

The storage charges: $1.6 per 10 GB
This is an add-on to your existing Virtual Desktop or Hyper-V offering.

For example, if you purchase Virtual Desktop Silver which is priced at $39.95 and want backup for 10 GB of space on Azure then your total cost comes to the following:

$39.95 + $22.00 + $1.6=$63.55

Features of backups on Azure:

  • Fully Managed Solution

  • Be at peace with our fully managed solutions. It includes installation of patches, cumulative upgrades, system upgrades, constant monitoring, technical expertise, and 24/7 support.
  • Meet your compliance

  • If your organization has stringent compliance standards, backups on Azure is the way to go. It can help you meet your requirements the way you want it to be.
  • Select the time of backups

  • Add backups on Azure along with your existing plan, and decide the time of the day when your data can be backed up.
  • Choose the location or type

  • Microsoft Azure has data centers all over the world. You can specifically choose the geographical location you want to keep your backup data anywhere in the world.
  • Restore within a single file

  • It has a single restore mechanism for all backup sources. A consistent approach for file restore helps in recovering the destination file very quickly.
  • Pay only for what you use

  • The pricing is very dynamic as the costs depend on the amount of space you consume for the backups on Azure.

With backups on Azure, Apps4Rent offers its services for data protection including safe authetication, disaster recovery, and secure file access. If you want to be extra-sure of the security of your data, get your data backups on Azure for your existing plan.

If you want your data to be fail-safe, you need to add extra layers of security to your data. One of the options is backup your data using Azure, with a little help from Apps4Rent. Get all the help you need from our Microsoft-certified Azure experts in selecting the right plan for you. Contact us now!

Microsoft offers a robust solution for data protection on its Azure cloud platform, and Apps4Rent helps you implement it. Don’t you want to try backups on Azure and experience its amazing benefits?

Meet the stringent compliance standards of your organization by backing up your data on Azure. 
With data backups on Azure, choose your own server located anywhere in the world.
Pay only for what you use for the storage space consumed by backups on Azure. 
If you have any questions, our Microsoft-certified Azure experts are available 24/7 to resolve your issues. 
Ask our Azure experts to select the right backup plan for you. Call us right now!