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Take Advantage of CPOR by Teaming up with Apps4Rent

CPOR is Claiming Partner of Record.

Basically, it’s a customer’s “association experience” that has been introduced by Microsoft in October 2019.

It is all about how partners associate with customers at a workload or subscription level.

Partners can achieve CPOR (approved by Microsoft) via submission of Partner Association Claims to Microsoft.

Through CPOR, Microsoft recognizes partners for their engagement and the impact they drive.

What is the Purpose of CPOR?

CPOR allows multiple partners per subscription, providing deployment, adoption services.

In simple words, it’s Microsoft’s tab on us, i.e. its Partners, to ensure that we bring you the best of the products/services/solutions throughout the customer’s journey. Not just the initial transaction, but right from deployment, adoption to ongoing maintenance and support.

Hence for us, it is very important that we have the right kind of association with our customers. CPOR helps us to measure and track how impactful our service is to you through improved reporting, maintaining our competency, standard and continuous improvement. Ensuring you gain maximum benefits from your association with us.

What Are You Missing by Not Adding Apps4Rent as Your CPOR?

As discussed, CPOR helps us to bring you enhanced customer experience. For example, it encourages us to…

  • Deliver world-class solution and service. Right from deployment, adoption to ongoing maintenance and support.
  • Earn cloud-based competencies
  • Get better visibility to your cloud usage and consumption, and get insights to suggest you maximum optimized solution usage
  • Identify additional opportunities to drive active usage

CPOR brings a win-win situation for both of us.

By not adding us as your Partner-Association, you miss out on all the above; likewise, we fail to deliver you outstanding returns that you deserve.

How Can You on Behalf of Your Company or as an Individual Customer, Associate Apps4Rent as Your CPOR?

Once there is an agreement between you and us for planning, implementation or adoptions, we will send you a Proof Of Execution (POE) Form.

Once you get the POE, you just need to fill in and route it back to us. Either download it, complete, upload and send or fill out and submit online (use your electronic signature).

The following steps complete the customer association process…

  • Step-1 We will then create the customer association in the Microsoft Partner Center and submit the same.
  • Step-2 Microsoft will then verify the claim for its accuracy.
  • Step-3
    • Simultaneously, you will receive an email notification from Microsoft. Example as below…
    • You will also receive a customer consent email from Microsoft like the following…

Step-4 Now it is left to Microsoft to accept or reject the claim

No further action is needed from your side if you consent to the association request and this completes the process.