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How Bistro Guys Used Cloud Desktops to Manage Their Working Hours Effectively


Being a small outlet, the bistro could not afford to outsource its accounting to third-party vendors. They managed the logistics on their own, so they often stayed back till late nights to keep accounts. They wanted to be free of managing accounts during work hours, so they could be focused on growth of the bistro.

Apps4Rent’s Solution:

Move all the data files from accounting software on a Cloud Desktop and allow secure multi-user access anywhere anytime. Get full features of software even while using on a smartphone, laptop, or remote browser.


By hosting QuickBooks on a cloud desktop, they could manage their accounts even from home. During quiet periods of the day, they managed their accounting right from their smartphones. With Cloud Desktops, the Bistro guys were able to manage their work hours efficiently. They never stayed late at the bistro since then, except for parties.

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Hospitality, San Diego

Quick Service Restaurant

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