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How a Maryland-Based Accounting Firm With 28 Users Secured Its Authentication with a Cloud Desktop


A Maryland-based certified public accounting (CPA) firm wanted permission-based authentication for its 28 users according to their specific roles. Most of the users worked remotely without a separate server or VPN for file sharing. Security became a concern in shared local environments.

Apps4Rent’s Solution:

Domain joined virtual desktop to have a granular and customized access control for each user based on security requirements of the organization. This allows mapping of drives to specific accounts based on their role in the company. This eliminates concerns like spying and unauthorized access to company files.


The concerns of authentication that came with file sharing were addressed with on-demand domain joined virtual desktop, thereby allowing role-based permissions – not only on specific drives but also role-based permissions on specific company files within the same drive – of the Cloud Desktop. They also installed additional applications like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Office 365 ProPlus on a Cloud Desktop which improved their efficiency even further.

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Accounting Firm, Maryland

Tax Preparation and Consulting

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