What Top CEOs Say About Virtualization

Clever business – is what top CEOs say about virtualization. Being smart when it comes to your company is about harnessing the full potential of all the assets working for you. Nowadays, financial outlays on computer systems and server environments can be enormous. Are you are sure you’re not wasting resources and money with poor performances from what you already have? Ask yourself or your CIO if your computer infrastructure is fully utilizing the available CPU, disk, memory and network capabilities.

Companies are increasingly turning to virtualization as a means to cut capital spending on server hardware, and for other benefits. With good reason. Essentially, virtualization software, also called a hypervisor, allows you to run several operating systems on a single physical server. If you haven’t considered how virtualization can benefit your business, now is the time.

You cannot afford to ignore, or be ill informed, about your information technology options. Virtualization is an extremely powerful tool that can allow you to create virtual data centers with your choice of complex applications. As with any business, surely the dramatic cuts in hardware expenditures, electricity costs and space are a reason to investigate the virtualization options, if nothing else. Consolidate your physical servers dramatically, while increasing capacity to take on more and bigger clients without added outlay.
A true hypervisor-based platform, such as Hyper-V, allows you to run Windows, Linux and other operating systems on the same physical server. Each operating system supplies all the hardware device drivers so you have maximum hardware compatibility, providing you with greater flexibility to cope with different projects.

The hypervisor controls the host processor and other resources and allocates what else is needed to each operating system, making sure that the virtual machines cannot disrupt each other. You can test and evaluate new software in an environment that doesn’t threaten to corrupt your established programs or services. An increase over recent years in effective and efficient service plans, security, migration from one physical server to another, and back up, has also increased the attractiveness of virtualization to top CEOs.

You can manage the hypervisor in-house, deploying servers as you see fit, while maintaining full control as well as security and performance.

It is time to realize how you can benefit by going virtual. Listen to the top CEOs who are already reaping the rewards.

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