What Are the Important Considerations for SharePoint Customization?

While SharePoint is a robust platform for collaboration and content management even out of the box, many enterprises prefer to customize it to use additional capabilities beyond its core functionalities. Customizing SharePoint allows organizations to add menus, modify dashboards, and even integrate other software applications for additional capabilities. However, customizing SharePoint adds complexity, increases risks, […]

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How to Perform Box to SharePoint Migration?

Box is a popular cloud storage and collaboration platform that has been available since 2005. It was designed to compete against solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox. With the inclusion of collaboration features, Box began to compete against SharePoint. However, as a full-service communication and collaboration solution, SharePoint continues to hold a decisive advantage […]

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Microsoft SharePoint 2010 End of Life: What to Do Now?

The end of extended support for Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 in October 2020 exposes enterprises using the legacy solution to security threats, support issues, and other problems that are commonly encountered with such platforms for which Microsoft has withdrawn support. Businesses that are still using the aging Microsoft document management system must act quickly to upgrade […]

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