Migrating from Hosted SharePoint to Dedicated SharePoint

Is your company using hosted SharePoint for a very long time? With earlier versions such as SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016, you had the option to get the hosted plan from SharePoint hosting providers.

Even though the resources were shared among other tenants, the hosted plan offers low cost while providing all the features of respective SharePoint versions. Many small businesses would only need SharePoint without the need for administrative control. This control could be outsourced to a third-party vendor such as Apps4Rent. In such cases, the hosted SharePoint plan is beneficial. The plan offers the full benefits of SharePoint at a significantly lower price. But with hosted SharePoint, your usage limits will be pre-defined.

Once your business grows, you may want to have full control over your SharePoint. There will be a need to move your SharePoint to the dedicated mode. With the dedicated SharePoint plan, you get granular control over SharePoint administration. It also allows you software development supported by a cloud hosting vendor. Dedicated SharePoint allows the customization of web parts to the granular level of detail.

Many of our customers began by using hosted SharePoint initially and later shifted to dedicated SharePoint for the respective versions they wanted.

SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016 was offered in both hosted and dedicated modes. SharePoint 2019 does not offer shared hosting, so businesses who want to upgrade their SharePoint to the latest version would also have to shift to the dedicated mode if they are on the hosted model.

What are the scenarios to migrate your SharePoint to other modes or version?

If you are still using SharePoint 2010

This one must be obvious since support for SharePoint Server 2010 expires on April 13, 2021. Since it is a no brainer to upgrade your SharePoint version, you may also upgrade your operating mode. All the features of the SharePoint 2010 hosted mode can be transferred to SharePoint 2013/2016 hosted mode. Instead of hosted mode, you may want to move to a dedicated mode. With dedicated hosting on any upgraded versions, you get the obvious benefits to integrate your apps and deploy custom web parts at the web app level. The point is – if you are already upgrading your SharePoint because it has expired, you may better want to move to a plan which gives you more freedom.

If you are using Hosted SharePoint 2013, 2016

If you are using SharePoint 2013/2016 in either Foundation, Standard, or Enterprise editions, you can still move to the hosted mode. The previous two SharePoint versions – 2013 and 2016 – both still allow hosted, dedicated, and farm modes. If you still want to continue using the Foundation plan, SharePoint 2013 offers a great value as it does not have a per user licensing cost. Apart from customizations, the dedicated mode also opens a lot of more hosting possibilities. It can be hosted in data centers of a cloud vendor, or public cloud such as Azure, or you may even go hybrid – a combination of on-premises and cloud environments.

If you want to upgrade to SharePoint 2019

Coming to SharePoint 2019, the option of hosting SharePoint in a shared mode has been taken away by Microsoft. As Microsoft is continuously evolving its security features, multi-tenancy capabilities of SharePoint have been deprecated in the 2019 version. The existing customers who want to use multi-tenancy can opt for SharePoint Online or a relevant plan in Microsoft 365. Other options include migrating to a non-multi-tenancy farm configuration or staying with previous SharePoint versions.

How does Apps4Rent help with your SharePoint woes?

Regardless of your scenario to move SharePoint to dedicated or hosted mode, get some raw wisdom from the industry professionals. When it comes to making an important business decision that involves Microsoft SharePoint, you need an expert hand that will not help you make the right decision, but also help you with the implementation and operations.

Apps4Rent has been a leading SharePoint provider since 2003, offering the product in the widest range possible from a choice of versions, editions, and modes. No other vendor would have depth and expertise of Apps4Rent when it comes to SharePoint. If you want to have a free consulting call with our Microsoft-certified SharePoint experts, contact us right now!

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