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The BlackBerry Phone: Mobile Business Solutions

The BlackBerry mobile phone is developed by Research In Motion (RIM) and often called CrackBerry due to the many users addicted to using their BlackBerry phone. RIM’s BlackBerry mobile phone is a top leader in the smart phone market and the most popular for business users in the U.S. RIM has shipped over 10s of millions of BlackBerry phone models to date.
Part of RIM’s success is due to the BlackBerry software such as BlackBerry OS, BlackBerry Desktop Manager and, Blackberry Enterprise Server, and the success of its smart phone models such as Storm 2, Curve 8520 and Bold 9700, but only a small part. The BlackBerry phone, of any model, is known most for its availability with most wireless carriers, a variety of companionable devices that appeal to business as well as consumers, and excellent desktop /server software for integration with mobile data.


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The BlackBerry Mobile Phone Solution

A BlackBerry mobile phone is generally bought at the same time as wireless services from your chosen carrier. However, a single BlackBerry phone already comes with a large amount of functions and capabilities – one of the many reasons for its success in the smartphone market.

The BlackBerry phone isn’t just a phone; some of the capabilities BlackBerry mobile phone models have out of the box include:

Wireless email access
Wireless access to corporate data
Instant messaging capabilities
Wireless access to the Internet and corporate intranet
MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and SMS (Short Message Service)
Push delivery technology for instant email alerts
Personal organizer: calendar, address book, calculator, task list and memo pad

The BlackBerry mobile solution includes additional desktop software, such as BB Desktop Manager Software, and server software, such as BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) for Internet access and BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) for secure corporate intranet access.

Popular BlackBerry Mobile Phone Models

The first “smart” BlackBerry phone was released in 2002. Since then, RIM has released over 60 models spread over four series. Some of the most popular BlackBerry mobile phone models are:

BlackBerry Storm – Features the SurePress touch screen, global roaming and removable, long-lasting battery.
BlackBerry Storm 2 – Features an enhanced touch screen, Wi-Fi support and 2GB embedded multimedia card.

Both Storm BlackBerry phone models have tethered modem capabilities and integrate with BES/BIS for email, among many other abilities and features. The two have slightly different dimensions; Storm 2 offers larger onboard / flash memory and better Bluetooth technology, but shorter battery life.
BlackBerry Tour – Provides 3G speed and reliability, voice dialing, conference calling, enhanced multimedia, GPS and BlackBerry Maps. As well, the Tour BlackBerry phone model supports global roaming, password protection and BES/BIS for email.
BlackBerry Bold – Has excellent battery life, Wi-Fi, 3G network support, an optical trackpad, and share and go media. As well, the Bold BlackBerry mobile phone provides a browser, GPS and tethered modem, among other features.
BlackBerry Curve 8330 – Provides all the features expected in newer BlackBerry phone models, such as GPS, corporate data access, BlackBerry maps and SMS/MMS. Starting with 96MB onboard and 96MB flash memory, it also has expandable memory support for microSD and SDHC, tethered modem capability and email integration.
With hosted BES and Exchange, however, your BES/Exchange provider operates the server. The server runs your corporate network, your IT department has complete control and the connection is much more secure. Most of your data stays in your private intranet and all transmitted data is encrypted, not just some of it. Unlike BIS, where the carrier has application control, you can create / publish apps and set your own rules on how they work with your phone and corporate network.

Other popular BlackBerry mobile phone models include the BlackBerry 9700, Pearl, Onyx, and BlackBerry Gemini.

As you can see, BlackBerry mobile phone functions and capabilities are growing swiftly to meet the needs of both business and consumer. When looking for a mobile solution for your corporate employees, the BlackBerry phone is one mobile solution you won’t find lacking.