Rendering With Azure

Rendering is generally a time-consuming process. Also, it consumes a lot of resources of your machine. With Microsoft Azure, you can leverage the power of cloud to produce stronger, faster renders which are five times faster than your normal rendering. Moreover, you can keep a track of your rendering status from anywhere, anytime.

If your project involves graphics-heavy intense rendering such as long movies and animation, Apps4Rent as Azure partner will provide inexhaustible resources which is billed on pay-as-you-use model. The Azure Batch mode can be a real advantage to renderers who need to iterate their work with least possible time. Why pay more when you can get the best possible output in a short time? Pay on hourly basis.

With Apps4Rent’s Azure plan, you can drastically improve the rendering time and free up your internal resources as everything is done in the cloud. Meet your project deadlines easily, even if a lot of changes are required simultaneously on your project.

Rendering with Azure helps you to be productive all the time as you have complete control of your work.

Render With Azure Powered by Apps4Rent

Powered by Nvidia’s Grid Core, which is the most advanced GPU computing technology, Apps4Rent offers CUDA-powered GPU that can extract as much power you require for your rendering. Azure platform makes sure that scalability of resources is not a problem. With Azure Batch, that power is available to you when you need it, without any capital investment.

Microsoft has tied-up with Nvidia, world’s leading graphics company, to ensure the VMs are optimized to deliver the highest possible performance.

When rendering is done on Azure Cloud, it does not use any internal resources of your machine. So, your computer won’t slow down or get locked up till the rendering is in process. This can be a very big boost for your productivity as you can do other tasks on your machine simultaneously. If you are rendering extremely heavy files, rendering with Azure will save your time, effort and energy.

With our extremely flexible Azure rendering plans, you can pay only for what you use. There are many freelancers, artists, designers who require rendering on per-project basis. The hourly billing is the best possible option for those who have rendering requirements only for specific period. Use Azure rendering only when required and pay only for that period, without paying anything extra for the non-usage time.

Azure is a cloud platform from Microsoft, which apart from variety of other applications, brings revolution in the world of graphics rendering. The advantage of cloud technology is that it can be accessible from anywhere, anytime. You don’t need to stay late in office to check your rendering status. You can track your rendering status from anywhere be it home, coffee shop, or on-the-go. Be productive to always meet your project deadlines with Azure rendering.

Rendering with Azure powered by Apps4Rent proves a better bet than rendering on your local machine. Just as you install 3D design applications and rendering software on local computer, it can be installed similarly on a Cloud Desktop. It supports all the popular 3D design applications – 3ds Max, Maya, Revit, Blender, Premier, After Effects; and rendering software – Octane, V-Ray, Redshift on Azure.

You can use Azure Batch for running parallel workloads and high-performance computing (HPC) batch jobs in Azure. It allows you to submit your files and get the rendering job done with preset instructions. Azure Batch creates and manages a pool of virtual machines (VMs), installs the required rendering tools, and automatically schedules jobs to run on the VMs.

Azure Batch is available without any extra cost, and you’re billed only for the resources consumed like storage, VMs, and networks. Azure Batch can be used by developers as a platform service to build applications that require large-scale execution.

  • Batch supports large-scale execution on all the popular rendering tools and applications
  • Batch runs parallel workloads that provide tens, hundreds, or even thousands of cores for your rendering work.

The Azure Batch mode allows your work getting rendered with maximum number of resources you can bring for the timely delivery.

There are different licensing terms for different independent software vendors. Azure can be used to run rendering workloads on it as a virtual in-house render farm. However, you need to bring your own licenses to Azure and the rendering executable connects to the license server when executing the rendering process.

Get the Best Possible Rendering Experience

Rendering with Azure is very simple to use and extremely user-friendly as well. The rendering experience with Azure powered by Apps4Rent is unparalleled. With Azure rendering, you can get blazing fast turnaround that helps you stay at the top of your game. You must render with Azure once to believe the efficiency of this new-age rendering way.

If you want to try rendering with Azure VMs or simply have any questions, feel free to contact our Azure expert team.