Reliable Migration And Deployment to Azure

Our 13 year experience in cloud computing and our active role in assisting with migration and deployment offers minimum downtimes and helps in avoiding disruptions. Our strategies implemented in the planning and assesment phase minimizes the interruptions, bolstering uptime by 99.9%, which will help you get the most out of your buck.

We found the “sweet spot” between an enterprise-level expertise and close, trusting work relationships, which position us as one of the leading and most accessible MS Azure partners. Our expertise allows us to deliver exceptional migration and deployment outcomes to clients that require manual, fully automated, or hybrid migration.

Hosted Project Server 2016 Managed Azure Basic

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  • 24 x 7 Support
  • 1 Hour/Month Support
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Project Online Managed Azure Advanced

  • 24 x 7 Monitoring
  • 24 x 7 Support
  • 2 Hour/Month Support
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How Will You Benefit as a Client?

Moving to MS Azure will reshape and innovate your processes. While the long-term benefits are visible, we at Apps4Rent, are dedicated to minimizing the short-term complexity associated with migration. We will assist with migrating your on-premise apps to MS Azure, and we will also deploy and manage the right architecture to support your business transformation. Due to our help with architecture management, you don’t need to worry about future reliability, availability and scalability issues.

Our team ensures maximum transparency and clarity for the whole duration of the project regarding the elements and methods of migration (e.g. lift-n-shift, replatforming, code factoring etc.) Additionally, we will facilitate data transfer and retention, just as the subsequent decommissioning of obsolete apps as a part of the complete life-cycle management carried out by Apps4Rent.

As one of the leading MS Azure partners, we have been in the driving seat of organizations at all stages in their journey to MS Azure adoption. We clearly understand the importance of testing phase. Customers can be very demanding on certain parameters, but it continuously raises the bar of reshaping the standards of operational quality that businesses need to uphold. We proudly say that we excel here. Building and testing your entire MS Azure architecture, including third party web services in a sandbox environment, allows for accelerated product development and minimal interruptions. We consistently demonstrate our expertise through diligent testing procedures that lead to uninterrupted deployment, regardless of the delivery method (public, private or hybrid).

Compliance & Governance

Like with any other business operations involving data processing and data transfer, there are compliance measures in place that needs to be adhered. We will help you not only with understanding of the regulatory landscape, but also with practical implementation when handling data and migrating to MS Azure. Change offers new opportunities, but along with that, it also brings unseen risks. You can trust us to manage the migration and deployment process while successfully mitigating any technical or legal liability by adhering to privacy requirements (e.g. HIPPA, PCI, SOX and others).

We can move your MS Exchange, SharePoint, Project Server, Hyper-V servers, and virtual desktop infrastructure to Azure.
With thousands of migrations and deployments under our belt – on-premise to Cloud, hybrid on-premise-cloud, and Cloud to Cloud; we are ready to take on the most challenging migration to Azure you have.

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